For your ADC have a look at
This module will do 200KHz / 16ch over the dual SPI interface. This board can be hosted on a number of our FPGA development boards or lashed up into another host with the Ethernet support.

On the hosting side our little USB board (Prog4) can be used to host with a new 10/100 Ethernet module that we are about to release if you want a compact solution. Our Drigmorn1 is
another option but would need alternative headers fitted.

Gigabit Ethernet is more difficult but I don't understand why you would need gigabit for this performance level of ADC.

50 by 100 is a bit tight, but doable. Assuming you need 16 bit ADC resolution this makes about 12 MbpS raw for all 16 ADCs. Our netMCA is way larger and works at 10/100 MbpS, but given that you order > say 10, I can fit it into 50x100 for you. I'll need to know the ADC resolution, too. It will cope with the 12 MSPS, you will be able to stream that the over tcp.

small size adc card : you might search for a SUMIT - sized board. If you can tolerate a
little larger size, there's this :

Spécifications et critères de choix des CAN'S

CAN ICL 7106/07

Carte convertisseur A-N et Voltmètre

Centrale domotique I2C : synthèse et conversion A/D D/A

Carte AD : conversion D/A

ADA 2200

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