Procedure of transfer between PC and Data I/O

Parameter of hyperterminal

Launch Hyperterminal.

Go to file-> property-> Connect using: COM1-> configure:

9600, 8, no, 1, Xon/Xoff-> OK-> OK.

To send a file to the programmer

First of all must be that the Programmer is configured to receive loan "Download".

Go to transfer-> Send a text file-> choose file to send (the Motorola renamed with attribute .txt file) the file must be in the format of this type

"27C64 - Matra_Mot.txt" -> open and transfer to the RAM of the programmer starts if the programmer and configuration of receive.

To receive a file from the RAM of the programmer.

Go in transfer-> capture a text file-> give a name to the file to receive

of the genus "27C64 - Matra_Mot.txt-> start.".

Configure the Programmer on 'Upload'.

Once the transfer is complete go to transfer-> capture text-> stop.