Elan 5000 series Turbo devices programmer Resources.

software « LGPROG 1.2»

This 16 bit program can work under Windows XP. here few elements to verify:

1>   The software must be in directory C:\LGPROG (otherwise the library cannot be accessed)

if you have a floppy disk use INSTAL.BAT otherwise copy the files from archive « elan1.zip » except instal.bat under C:\LGPROG

2>   16 bits applications must be allowed to work under Windows XP

Start Menu : Execute
type : gpedit.msc : click OK

in window « Strategy of the group »  verify

Strategy computer local :

computer configuration / administration model / windows component/ application compatibility"Disable access to 16-bit applications " must be disabled

3>   Allow 16-bits applications to execute in separate memory area

Start Menu : Exécute
type : regedit : click OK

key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\WOW

Name of value : DefaultSeparateVDM
Type: REG_SZ

data value : yes or no
yes: 16 bits applications are executed in separate memory area.

4>   look at support.microsoft.com/kb/314495

5>   on a computer with no serial ports use a usb<>rs232 adapter

Inside configuration panel select  : system

in the window system properties, hardware, peripheral

Ports (COM et LPT) 

open window Property of COMport emulated by the converter (USB<> serial), in parameter Access tab : select Advanced

modify COM port : select COM 1 or COM 2.