Data I/O Sprint adapter for PQFP-44 / DIP 40 - TQFP MC68HC705C8FB , MC68HC705C8ACFBE Motorola (Freescale) microcontroller adapter



MC68HC705C8ACFBE data sheet

available from ebay

Gerber files for programming the MC68HC705C8 in TQFP package courtesy Ed at SCS (USA)

There are two boards, one to hold the socket, and a bottom board to adapt the larger board to the 0.6 inch DIP pattern.

DIP ADAPTER (ZIP Archive - 8Kb)

HC705TQFP-DIP (ZIP Archive- 17Kb)

To program, just select the DIP version on the programmer.

The top to bottom header is a TSW-120-06-T-S (one on each side) and the bottom TSW-120-07-L-S.
The TQFP socket is a YAMMACHI IC51-0444-467.

The socket is on many of the inexpensive Chinese 44 pin TQFP to DIP adapters available on EBAY, you just have to remove it from the board.
you can cut off the bottom board with a Dremel tool with a cut off wheel. It goes fast.
you then put the socket board in a vice and heat the pins with a hot air tool without the nozzle attached. When the solder melts, the socket comes off clean and ready to reuse.
The adapters are a fraction of the price of a new socket over here...

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28 mai, 2022