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          >> Thread: How to get "disk serial number" ?
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    Subject:Re: How to get "disk serial number" ?
    Author:Joseph Good <>
      Posting History

    Ricardo Santiago wrote:
    function GetSerNumber: String;
        HDINFO = record
          InfoLevel: Word;
          sNumber: LongInt;
          vName: array [0..21] of byte;
        hdID: pointer;
        oseg, oofs: word;
        snum: Longint;
        GetMem(hdid, sizeof(HDInfo));
        oseg := Seg(hdid^);
        oofs := Ofs(hdid^);
              mov  ah, 69h
              mov  al, 00h
              mov  bl, 00h    {* 0=default, 1=A, 2=B, etc  *}
              mov  bh, 00h
              push  ds
              mov  ds, oseg
              mov  dx, oofs
              int  21H
              pop  ds
        snum := HDInfo(hdid^).sNumber ;
        FreeMem(hdid, sizeof(HDInfo));
        result := IntToStr(sNum);
    Do you happen to know how to do this in 32-bit, specifically in D3?
    I ran this thru Delphi 3 and it blew up.  I even tried removing the segment/offset stuff and just throwing down the pointer to the HDInfo structure in the ds register and you can imagine what happened there - bloooom.

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