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Modem AT-command questions..

> Anybody knows how to stop a modem from data mode to command mode and then hung it up? I've tried +++ then wait for one second, followed by ath then one second, and then at+chup.. but they're not stoping my modem..

It's possible the +++ chars were reset. I seem to remember that you could tell the modem to use other chars besides '+' to escape "data mode". It's
been a long time though since I've cared thanks to cable modems. You have to wait before the +++ too. So stop the data, wait the required
delay, which van be longer than 1 second, send +++ and wait again. After that you should see 'OK' appear and be able to hangup with 'ATH'.

Try an initial wait of over 2 seconds before the "+++". Or simply drop the DTR line.

You have to wait 0.5 sec before +++ then wait for OK before you send ath. Another methode is dropping DTR for about 0.5 secs.



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