Programming DIP-48 68HC11 microcontrollers by connecting an adapter card on the TOPPLC connector of the SMS Sprint Expert Programmer

This adapter allow you to program DIP-48 MC68HC11 with a TOP1PLC TOP on the SMS Sprint Expert as if it was a plcc52 device.

In the options you have to disable the Continuity check



TOP1PLC Connector MC68HC11A1FN plcc52 connexion Dip-48 MC68HC11A1P connexion
A3 pin20 PD0 / RXD 42
B3 pin19 IRQ 41
A4 pin18 XIRQ 40
B4 pin17 RESET 39
A5 pin16 D7 38
B5 pin15 D6 37
A6 pin14 D5 36
B6 pin13 D4 35
A7 pin12 D3 34
B7 pin11 D2 33
A8 pin10 D1 32
B8 pin9 D0 32
B8 pin8 XTAL 30
A9 pin8 EXTAL 29
D3 pin6 STRB 28
C4 pin5 E 27
D4 pin4 STRA 26
C5 pin3 MODA 25
D5 pin2 MODB 24
C6 pin1 VSS 23
D6 pin52 VRH 22
C7 pin51 VRL 21
D7 pin50 PE7 X
C8 pin49 PE3 20
D8 pin48 PE6 X
C9 pin47 PE2 19
E3 pin46 PE5 X
F3 pin45 PE1 18
E4 pin44 PE4 X
F4 pin43 PE0 17
E5 pin42 PB0 16
F5 pin41 PB1 15

pin40 PB2

F6 pin39 PB3 13
E7 pin38 PB4 12
F7 pin37 PB5 11
E8 pin36 PB6 10
F8 pin35 PB7 9
E9 pin34 PA0 8
G3 pin33 PA1 7
H3 pin32 PA2 6
G4 pin31 PA3 5
H4 pin30 PA4 4
G5 pin29 PA5 3
H5 pin28 PA6 2
G6 pin27 PA7 1
H6 pin26 VDD 48
G7 pin25 PD5 47
H7 pin24 PD4 46
G8 pin23 PD3 45
H8 pin22 PD2 44
G9 pin21 PD1 43

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19 septembre, 2009