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  • Calculating PI
  • here is a Bob Bishop version of an Apple II BASIC Pi calculator. This also uses Machin's formula. This version was published in the Aug/Sept 1978 issue of Micro magazine.
  • PC to Apple // joystick adapter
  • How to deal with the “not-so-mellow yellow” of old computers and consoles
  • Apple II DOS source code ;
  • schéma alimentation TRS-80
  • Atari 8-Bit Index
  • vieux pdf Rockwell et autres
  • manuel technique Osborne, plein de docs très bien sur les cartes s100
  • Amiga 1000 schematics
  • Site dédié aux ordinateurs mythiques de marque Apple (Apple II, Macintosh, Lisa, Newton) et à leurs périphériques.
  • Eigenbau Computer Z80
  • HyperSpeed XL/XE, A Processor Extension for Atari XL/XE
  • Installation of the Backlight Upgrade Kit for the HP 100LX / 200LX palmtop
  • C64 Keyboard -> PS/2
  • ZX Spectrum
  • Commodore C64 Schematics
  • Sinclair QL support
  • ZX Spectrum
  • Alfred Arnold Computer Collection
  • Charles MacDonald's Home Page
  • Oric - Atari
  • Oric Resources
  • Dedicated to Z80 Maniacs, 68000 Lovers and DSP Holics
  • Michael's project collection Software for Atari computers and clones, Atari hardware projects,
  • écran Atari et playstation
  • Lecture ROM basic TO7 ref: HN613128P
  • old computer Ring Page & links
  • TRS-80 related Site
  • CFFA - CompactFlash / IDE Interface for Apple II Computers
  • Sinclair MK14
  • Redhill Guide
  • The XT-IDE project is a Vintage Computer forum driven project to develop and manufacturer an 8-bit ISA IDE controller. It allows any PC/XT class machine to use modern IDE hard drives or Compact Flash devices for long term storage


    Pour transférer des fichiers entre MSDOS et CP/M, il existe le fameux utilitaire 22DISK de Sydex. Il est vraiment parfait et permet toutes les operations
    sur les fichiers d'une disquette CP/M à partir de DOS.

    Z80 project..

    My first micro was a Z80 board. I used a National INS8251 USART, a Motorola MC14411 bit rate generator and a friends terminal to run it. Later I build a
    dumb terminal from scratch. Nowadays I can still run the board but I use an old PC with a VT50 terminal emulator program.

    Nowadays a advise to use a 16550A UART. That's the one used in PC's today. It's not the easiest chip to program but it has a build in bit rate generator (except fot the X-tal) and for all I know it's bug free.

    If you are looking forward some data or repair parts about this electronic card, you can contact me by e-mail at

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