Floppy Disk reader SONY MFD-17W-1 Datecode 9301 /30

The interface card LG -64 HCS-40 94V-0 Made in SINGAPORE (ref. 1-644-847-11 L) includes :

  • a chip SONY CXA8007Q (datecode 9302KY JAPAN) PQFP80 case
  • a chip HA13421 datasheet is given in the PDF HA13421A.pdf (102 Ko Shift-Cliquer pour télécharger) ( marking 2M A13421 )
  • The ceramic crystal oscillator (3 pins) has this marking (M) 4914A 2N 1.
  • a stepper motor SONY MINEBEA CO.,LTD 08BJ-H038-21 (ref. SONY 1-541-532-31) 1513C -Made in Thailand.

    on the card LG-64 (on the side and bottom) you can select the l'ID du reader from 0 to 3 with a switch SW101. The 'ID of the floppy is 1 (default) (Floppy to be use with a P.C./AT .

    The card includes a matrix of 12 pins header named COR101 to select jumpers; on my unit there are two jumpers between pin 10&11 and pin 4&8.

    The motor card MT-36 CMK-103X includes:

  • a chip BA6479FP (marquage BA6479FP 243 158 Y)
  • a bicolor led on the front
  • the motor that rotates the magnetic part of the floppy is a SONY MODEL MP-F17W-1 SMM Made in Malaysia 4-623-573-01

    The magnetic head sensor is a 2AB-3 31M27

    the photointerrupter TLP1020 on the back of the unit to detect that the head is at the end side has the marking 1020-W1L12 and is mounted on a pcb with the marking KPC4594V-0. this sensor has 3 wires : red , yellow and black.

    http://alexfru.narod.ru/emiscdocs.html Cf. floppy.zip et resources de programmation des lecteurs FDD -FDC/FDD (Floppy) Programming Docs

    See https://www.servicesplus.sel.sony.com/sony-part-number-874901115.aspx

    http://www.smsc.com/main/catalog/fdc37c78.html a current production floppy controller

    Please Refer to this documentation (Shift-Click to Download , 532 Kb) to get information about the Sony Floppies Jumper Configuration : Note for a P.C. Computer you need to select the slide switch at the DS/1 Position, and for an Atari Microcomputer you need to select DS/0 Position (which is the position the nearest from the card end side).





    If you are looking forward some data or repair parts about this floppy reader, you can contact me by e-mail at matthieu.benoit@free.fr

    Si vous recherchez des informations ou des pieces de maintenance pour ce lecteur floppy, vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail : matthieu.benoit@free.fr

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