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Repair, new designs electronics equipments & embedded systems information exchange.
Dιveloppements - Maintenance en ιlectronique et informatique industrielle.

®Note: Ces annonces sont postιes dans le but de vous aider dans votre recherche de schιmas, composants, cartes ιlectroniques, sous-ensembles électroniques ou électrotechniques
note: these pages are posted .to help you to find diagrams, components, electronic or electrical engineering cards & modules


For any exchange about those pages please contact me at email address
Pour toute demande d'information ou pour tout ιchange sur ces pages Vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail

: 9 mai, 2019

- Floppy Disk Drive 3"1/2 SONY model MFD-17W-1
- Floppy Disk Drive 3"1/2 SONY model MFD-17W-04
- Floppy Disk Drive 3"1/2 SONY model MPF520-1
- Hard Disk Unit CONNER model CP3046 40 MBytes 3"1/2
- Minitel Mini-printer Minitel EPSON thermal head model P-40S
- Minitel Mini-printer EPSON thermal head model P-60V
- ISA Card Modem KXTEL2 de Kortex ΰ modem V23 EF7910PL
- CD-ROM Drive Wearnes CDD110 (CDS3110) from Orchid
- ISA Card Modem LCE123 V23 from LCE (La Commande Electronique)
- Hard Disk Unit SAMSUNG model SHD3062 - 114 M-Bytes 3"1/2
- ISA Controller Card IDE/Floppy/RS232/Centronics CH-101B
- Card 296.9758.00.810
- Card LaserDisc Philips with SAA1083P circuit
- ISA Card Soundblaster / CD-ROM interfaces Sony, Mitsumi et Panasonic SC-6000
- DECT Card phone with LCD Display
- Phone line interface Card
- EASA-Phone KX-T4400 Panasonic
- ISA Card modem Rockwell 19.2 Kbds
- ISA Cardmodem LCE LCETEL2
- Stag PP39 programmer resources page
- ALL-03 Universal devices programmer and tester from Hilosystem
- Point of Sale terminal TPScam 2000 LOGICAM
- GSM NOKIA 1610 , 1611 , 1630
- ISA Card EGA EG-3000 controller GEMINI VC-001
- Amstrad microcomputers "Video Gate Array" 40007, 40008 (20RA043) & 40010
- Links to legacy microcomputers resources pages
- DATAI/O 212 Eprom Programmer resources page
- Arcade Games Resources
- Stag ZL30 Logic Programmer Resources page
- Elan 5000 series Turbo devices programmer Resources page
- Floppy Disk Drive 3"1/2 EPSON model SMD-340
- SMS Sprint-Expert TOP40DIP & TOP1PLC Model S100 resources page
- General Instruments (GI) AY-3-1350 tunes synthetizer chip
- ISA Card PD-001 VER. 3.1 made in taiwan
- Stag Eprom programmer PP38 resources
- Vpp-48 (tm) Eprom writer from five corners Corp. taiwan
- Leap 101 eprom eeprom writer
- hilosystem DMT-01 ics & memory tester
- Intel iPDS100 Personal Development System Vintage EPROM programmer
- DATAI/O Chiplab devices programmer resources
- ELAN 6000 programming System
- Stag SOLAR Advanced Programming System
- Stag PP41 Mos programmer
- Apple2 microcomputer eprom programmer cards resources
- MC68705P3 stand-alone reader / copier / Programmer
- Hilosystem ALL-02 Eprom programmer & tester resources page
- ELAN 3000 series remote programmer
- ELAN E9C eprom/eeprom editing programmer resources page
- DONATEC ISA serial and parallel interface card
- Stag System 3000 Universal programmer
- Elan 1000 series programmer
- Elan 4000 programmer
- Laserdisc microcomputer 8049 -based PHILIPS interface cards
- old Hard Disk interface card (1984/1985)
- Barcode decoder interface card LSC1000B Derby - Z80 Based
- Minitel Terminal alphanumeric Matrix Keyboards Resources page
- Universal Philips SBC RU254 remote controls - resources
- Mini 286 courier I/O Card PTI-210
- EGA and Parallel port ISA Card DFI MG-150 ET1000 REV. 1D
- Single serial port ISA interface Card FT-890130
- Western Digital WDXT-GEN ISA Card Floppy HDD
- Serial, Parallel and Game port ISA interface card Unique
- DATA I/O Labsite device programmer resources page
- CP30121E CONNER IDE Hard Disk unit Compaq Spares 120MB HDD 141352-001 resources page
- DATA I/O 2700 device programmer resources page
- DATA I/O Unisite programmer resources page
- DATA I/O 2900 programmer Resources page
- DATA I/O 3900 / 39XX programmers Resources page
- DATAIO ChipWriter Family programmers resources page
- SUNSHINE Power100 programmer resources page
- Elan E2A Editing programmer resources page
- Repair a Paradox corrupted database
- PCB101 Pic Programmer resources page
- Internal Case ZIP100 Floppy reader Unit resources page
- Sharp LI2006 Calculator chip resources page
- SONY MPF520-4 3 Mode Floppy resources page
- Sitecom PCI Network Interface Card Linux Version resources page
- SONY MODEL MP-F17W 3.5 Floppy drive unit resources page
- HEWLETT PACKARD SONY MODEL MPF920 3.5 Floppy drive resources page
- MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MF355F-2490 floppy drive resources page
- Miniscribe Model 8425SA20Mb SCSI Hard Disk Unit 3.5" resources page
- Conner Peripherals CP3040A SCSI Hard Disk Unit 3.5" - hard disk 40SC Apple Macintosh resources page
- Seagate ST32140A hard disk unit - Replace with Compaq Spare 225521-001 resources page
- 940-40-9103 Quantum ProDrive(tm) hard disk unit (40AT) resources page
- AGP Bus 109-49300-00 ATI Technologies Inc. (c) 1998 RAGE //C 49302 100 resources page
- GRUNDIG Serie Super Color C....FR/PS tv resources page
- 5"1/4 Floppy Drive Units
- 3.5" Floppy Drive Units
- Serial, Parallel Port, Game port (optional) RTX-03F(V2) ISA 8 bits Interface Card Made in TAIWAN
- IDE Interface CD-ROM DRIVE model LTN-382 from MIDA (40x)
- IDE Interface DVD-ROM DRIVE model DVD6240E from CREATIVE (6x)
- hard disk IDE interface Seagate Medalist 6422 Model ST36422A 6.400Mbytes
- PCI 10-base T network interface card FCC-ID :HED1207BTX4EN P/N 770001750 Rev:01 Serial: S/N: C828A2
- TG-03 USB PCI interface Card (2 USB-ports) tested to comply with FCC standards (Made in China) SD-USB861-2
- Mitsubishi Electric MF355F-490UC manufacture date: AUG 1994 DEL. REV. M S/N M401860 FIE REV. 2- 3 Mode Floppy (180788-201) Spare
- YD-702D-6638D YE DATA YE DATA 3.5TH 1.44MB FDD floppy disk drive
- PCI interface sound card A (tm) VORTEX Areal Semiconductor Inc (c) 1999 p/n BA88VL10A-01 Assy A Rev. A
- AGP Bus ATI rage128 graphic card p/n 1025180903012605 rage fury 16Mo TV Out ATI BL 815016183
- QUADRAM EGAVGA 17-9076-01 REV 1 ISA EGA interface card serial 08310179 - rev 1A
- 1987 ASSY 22610 OEM 6.1 REV 1 EGA ISA Card
- TL-AK TOP HFDC ISA 16-bits interface card 59-6083-0010 (Made in TAIWAN)
- HI-LO ALL-07 programmer
- Circuit Cellar Serial Programmer resources page
- Olitec modem resources page
- Compaq Deskpro 466 desktop personal computer (year '95) resources page
- ELAN C41 programmer resources page
- STAG Quasar 1040 - 1084 PC universal programmer
- DATAIO sprint optima TOP40DIP programmer resources page
- Hitachi Microcontroller ZIF Shrinkdip-64 to DIP28 adapter
- SAGEM F@ST 800 usb adsl modem
- Input / Output AUDIO (L MONO) R SVIDEO VIDEO Peritel Adapter
- Chargeur de batteries NiMH AA et AAA Canon CB-4AHE - Ni-MH Battery charger Canon CB-4HE
- Power Supply 24 Volts / 1.7 Amp
- Hilosystem EPP-01C programmer resources page
- Sunshine EW-704 Eprom writer resources page
- Hilo ALL-01 programmer resources page
- SMS Sprintplus48 programmer resources page
- SMS Sprint plus programmer resources page
- STAG Eclipse programmer resources page
- DATAIO 22 PROM programmer resources page
- Programmateur PRM4 page de ressources
- DATAIO 201 Eprom Programmer resources page
- WELLON VP-280 EPROM Programmer resources page
- STAG ORBIT 48 EPROM pogrammer resources page
- CD-ROM drive A52T resources page
- ALPS Electric, co.,ltd. 3"1/2 FLOPPY Disk Drive unit DF354H090F resources page
- AGP bus FX5600EP Graphic Card resources page
- HILO 51P-01 8751 programmer resources page
- Programmateur de REPROM P32-256 CAIMsa resources page
- PKW-5000 AVALDATA E-PROM programmer resources page
- FD1157C Nec Corporation Japan 5"1/4 Floppy Drive P/N: 134-500357-077-0 mfr date: 1991
- JU-475-4CGJ Panasonic Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. 5"1/4 Floppy Drive
- Canon Electronics Inc. MD-5501 5"1/4 Floppy Drive
- Creative Soundblaster Live PCI card
- Hilo EPP-01 , EPP-04, EPP-01C, EPP-01CE programmers resources page
- Sunshine Expro-40 Eprom programmer resources page
- Stag PP42 programmer resources page
- SAMSUNG Electronics SD840 Series - 80386-33 based microcomputer resources page
- GP Industrial Electronics XP640 eprom programmer resources page
- Hilo BPP-01 Bipolar Prom programmer resources page
- Hilo ALL-11C2 universal programmer resources page
- Xeltek SP5000 universal programmer resources page
- Conitec GALEP-III multi-programmer resources page
- Hilo ALL-11P2 / ALL-LAB2 base universal programmer resources page
- Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 Model CT4520 ISA sound Card
- Mitsumi D359M3 - NCL039 3"1/2 Floppy Disk Drive
- Stag PPZ - Zm2500 universal programmer resources page
- Stag Stratos PC Eprom Programmer resources page
- Stag P301 handheld Devices Programmer resources page
- AVALDATA PKW-1000 Eprom Programmer resources page
- AVALDATA PKW-1100 Eprom Programmer resources page
- Compaq Prolinea 575 resources page
- DATAIO 280 programmer resources page
- Super EX SE4943 programmer resources page
- Multiprom Programmer resources page
- EETOOLS EMP-20 devices programmer resources page
- Stag PP40 programmer resources page
- GP Electronics P9010 eprom copier resources page
- Stag Orbit 32 portable eprom programmer resources page
- Stag ZL30B PLD programmer resources page
- Sunshine EW-904BN EPROM programmer resources page
- DATAIO Cypress impulse3 CY3500 DIP48 Universal programmer resources page
- Kontron MPP-80 EPP-80 programmer resources page
- PII-134 Monochrome Graphic Printer Card resources page
- Sunshine Picker-20 TTL / CMOS logic IC & DRAM IC tester resources page
- Intel Pentium II 350 MHz motherboard
- Nixdorf PC XT Computer
- Lloyd Research L9000 programmer resources page
- P8000 GP Industrial Electronics eprom programmer resources page
- EP4000 GP Industrial Electronics eprom programmer resources page
- Hilosystems EPP-01AE / SEP-81AE Quick Eprom Programmer resources page
- ELAN 5000 (non-turbo) device programmer resources page
- Modular Circuit Technology (MCT) MOD-MEP-1C programmer resources page
- Hilosystems All-11/All-lab universal programmer resources page
- Hilosystems ALL-11P3 / ALL-LAB3 USB universal programmer resources page
- GP Industrial Electronics P9030 Eprom Programmer resources page
- Conitec PEPS-III Eprom Simulator resources page
- Conner hdu pcb/circuit board
- pci ethernet card based on digital 21143-PD chipset
- Xeltek Superpro II programmer resources page
- Xeltek Unipro programmer resources page
- VS4800 Eprom Programmer resources page
- Western Digital Winchester Hard disk drive 1 drive 0 floppy WD1006V-SR2 ISA interface card
- Stag P801 programmer resources page
- Compaq Deskpro EN small form factor PC computer resources page
- PAL & EPROM AR9820 programmer resources page

Vous recherchez un composant, un datasheet, une carte d'un sous ensemble ιlectronique, une ιtude publiιe dans une revue, j'ai peut-κtre des ιlιments qui peuvent vous aider. N'hιsitez pas ΰ me contacter!

If you are looking for a component, a data sheet , an electronic card, some project resources developped in a magazine, I have perhaps some information that can help you. Do not hesitate to contact me!

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: 9 mai, 2019