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Repair, new designs electronics equipments & embedded systems information exchange.
Développements - Maintenance en électronique et informatique industrielle.

®Note: Ces annonces sont postées dans le but de vous aider dans votre recherche de schémas, composants, cartes électroniques, sous-ensembles électroniques ou électrotechniques
note: these pages are posted to help you to find diagrams, components, electronic or electrical engineering cards & modules


For any exchange about those pages please contact me at email address
Pour toute demande d'information ou pour tout échange sur ces pages Vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail


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: 25 novembre, 2023
µP Micropross ROM3000U programmer resources page
Advantech Labtool-48UXP Intelligent Universal programmer resources page
Advantech PC-UPROG eprom programmer resources page
Advantest R4944A programmer resources page
AGP bus FX5600EP Graphic Card resources page
AGP Bus 109-49300-00 ATI Technologies Inc. (c) 1998 RAGE //C 49302 100 resources page
AGP Bus ATI rage128 graphic card p/n 1025180903012605 rage fury 16Mo TV Out ATI BL 815016183
American Reliance AR9800 EPROM programmer resources page
American Reliance PAL & EPROM AR9820 programmer resources page
Amstrad microcomputers "Video Gate Array" 40007, 40008 (20RA043) & 40010
Apparat Inc. Prom Blaster eprom programmer resources page
Apple2 microcomputer eprom programmer cards resources
Applied Reader Technology (A.R.T.) EPP1 programmer resources page
Arcade Games Resources
Automatisme pour portail Novotecna page de ressources
AVALDATA PKW-1000 Eprom Programmer resources page
AVALDATA PKW-1100 Eprom Programmer resources page
AVALDATA PKW-5000 E-PROM programmer resources page
Barcode decoder interface card LSC1000B Derby - Z80 Based
Battery charger : NiMH AA et AAA Canon CB-4AHE - Ni-MH Battery charger Canon CB-4HE
BK Precision 866B programmer resources page
Card 296.9758.00.810
Card LaserDisc Philips with SAA1083P circuit
CD-ROM : IDE Interface CD-ROM DRIVE model LTN-382 from MIDA (40x)
CD-ROM drive A52T resources page
CD-ROM Drive Wearnes CDD110 (CDS3110) from Orchid
Circuit Cellar Serial Programmer resources page
Compaq Deskpro EN small form factor PC computer resources page
Compaq Deskpro 466 desktop personal computer (year '95) resources page
Compaq Prolinea 575 resources page
Conitec GALEP-III multi-programmer resources page
Conitec PEPS-III Eprom emulator resources page
Conner CP30121E CONNER IDE Hard Disk unit Compaq Spares 120MB HDD 141352-001 resources page
Conner hdu pcb/circuit board
Conner Peripherals CP3040A SCSI Hard Disk Unit 3.5" - hard disk 40SC Apple Macintosh resources page
Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 Model CT4520 ISA sound Card
Creative Soundblaster Live PCI card
DATA I/O Labsite device programmer resources page
DATA I/O Unisite programmer resources page
DATA I/O 2700 device programmer resources page
DATA I/O 2900 programmer Resources page
DATA I/O 3900 / 39XX programmers Resources page
DATAI/O 212 Eprom Programmer resources page
DATAI/O Chiplab devices programmer resources
DATAIO 201 Eprom Programmer resources page
DATAIO 22 PROM programmer resources page
DATAIO 280 programmer resources page
DATAIO ChipWriter Family programmers resources page
DATAIO Cypress impulse3 CY3500 DIP48 Universal programmer resources page
DATAIO sprint optima TOP40DIP programmer resources page
DATAIO Sprint Dual programmer resources page
DECT Card phone with LCD Display
DediProg NUprog-E2 Engineering Universal programmer resources page
DIGELEC 934 Portable Programmer resources page
Digital µSISTEMAS PU-2000 programmer resources page
DONATEC 286C Computer resources page
DONATEC ISA serial and parallel interface card
DVD-ROM : IDE Interface DVD-ROM DRIVE model DVD6240E from CREATIVE (6x)
EASA-Phone KX-T4400 Panasonic
EETOOLS EMP-20 devices programmer resources page
EGA and Parallel port ISA Card DFI MG-150 ET1000 REV. 1D
E-H Industries Model4A programmer resources page
ELAN 5000 (non-turbo) device programmer resources page
ELAN E2A Editing programmer resources page
ELAN 1000 series programmer
ELAN 3000 series remote programmer
ELAN 4000 programmer
ELAN 5000 series Turbo devices programmer Resources page
ELAN 6000 programming System
ELAN C41 programmer resources page
ELAN E12B programmmer resources page
ELAN E9A E9C E13 eprom/eeprom editing programmer resources page
Elnec Beeprog programmer resources page
Epson Minitel Mini-printer Minitel thermal head model P-40S
Epson Minitel Mini-printer thermal head model P-60V
Epson Seiko BA-180 card for M-180 series printer mechanism
Fairy YL-23 eprom programmer and IC Tester resources page
Floppy : ALPS Electric, co.,ltd. 3"1/2 FLOPPY Disk Drive unit DF354H090F resources page
Floppy : Canon Electronics Inc. MD-5501 5"1/4 Floppy Drive
Floppy : Mitsumi D359M3 - NCL039 3"1/2 Floppy Disk Drive
Floppy : 3.5" Floppy Drive Units
Floppy : 5"1/4 Floppy Drive Units
Floppy : ALPS Electric FD354H090F 3"1/2 floppy drive unit
Floppy : Epson SD-780 5"1/4 floppy drive resources page
Floppy : FD1157C Nec Corporation Japan 5"1/4 Floppy Drive P/N: 134-500357-077-0 mfr date: 1991
Floppy : YD-702D-6638D YE DATA YE DATA 3.5TH 1.44MB FDD floppy disk drive
Floppy 3"1/2 ALPS manufacured for IBM p/n 38F7802
Floppy Disk Drive 3"1/2 EPSON model SMD-340
Floppy Disk Drive 3"1/2 SONY model MFD-17W-04
Floppy Disk Drive 3"1/2 SONY model MFD-17W-1
Floppy Disk Drive 3"1/2 SONY model MPF520-1
Floppy disk drive 5"1/4 1.2M Tandon TM75-8 unit resources page
Floppy disk drive 5"1/4 from NEC Electronics Corp.
Floppy Distar 5"1/4 for Apple 2
General Instruments (GI) AY-3-1350 tunes synthesizer chip
GP Industrial Electronics P4000 eprom copier resources page
GP Industrial Electronics P8000 eprom programmer resources page
GP Industrial Electronics P9010 eprom copier resources page
GP Industrial Electronics P9030 eprom programmer resources page
GP Industrial Electronics XP640 eprom programmer resources page
GP Industrial Electronics EP4000 eprom programmer resources page
GQ-4x4 true USB programmer resources page
GRUNDIG Serie Super Color C....FR/PS tv resources page
GSM NOKIA 1610 , 1611 , 1630
Hard Disk : 940-40-9103 Quantum ProDrive(tm) hard disk unit (40AT) resources page
Hard disk :Miniscribe Model 8425SA20Mb SCSI Hard Disk Unit 3.5" resources page
hard disk IDE interface Seagate Medalist 6422 Model ST36422A 6.400Mbytes
Hard Disk Unit CONNER model CP3046 40 MBytes 3"1/2
Hard Disk Unit SAMSUNG model SHD3062 - 114 M-Bytes 3"1/2
HEWLETT PACKARD SONY MODEL MPF920 3.5 Floppy drive resources page
Hilosystems 51P-01 8751 programmer resources page
Hilosystems ALL-07 programmer
Hilosystems ALL-11 universal programmer resources page
Hilosystems All-11/All-lab universal programmer resources page
Hilosystems ALL-11C2 universal programmer resources page
Hilosystems ALL-11P2 / ALL-LAB2 base universal programmer resources page
Hilosystems ALL-11P3 / ALL-LAB3 USB universal programmer resources page
Hilosystems BPP-01 Bipolar Prom programmer resources page
Hilosystems EPP-01 , EPP-04, EPP-01C, EPP-01CE programmers resources page
Hilosystems EPP-01AE / SEP-81AE Quick Eprom Programmer resources page
Hilosystems EPP-01C programmer resources page
Hilosystems Prüfer 20 IC Tester resources page
Hilosystems SEP-81 programmer resources page
Hilosystems SEP-84AE universal programmer resources page
Hilosystems ALL-01 programmer resources page
Hilosystems ALL-02 Eprom programmer & tester resources page
Hilosystems ALL-03 Universal devices programmer and tester
Hilosystems ALL-100 universal programmer resources page
Hilosystems DMT-01 ics & memory tester
Hilosystems EPP-01A Eprom programmer resources page
Hilosystems PRO-201 Universal Programmer resources page
Hitachi HS31YESS11H - HD63701Y0P Microcontroller ZIF Shrinkdip-64 to DIP28 programming adapter
Horloge France Inter BHL Electronique 59 HF page de ressources
IC-1001 Heathkit Logic Analyzer software
Input / Output AUDIO (L MONO) R SVIDEO VIDEO Peritel Adapter
Intel iPDS100 Personal Development System Vintage EPROM programmer
Intel Pentium II 350 MHz motherboard
Internal Case ZIP100 Floppy reader Unit resources page

ISA Card 1987 ASSY 22610 OEM 6.1 REV 1 EGA

ISA Card EGA EG-3000 controller GEMINI VC-001
ISA Card Modem KXTEL2 de Kortex modem V23 EF7910PL
ISA Card Modem LCE123 V23 from LCE (La Commande Electronique)
ISA Card modem Rockwell 19.2 Kbds
ISA Card PD-001 VER. 3.1 made in taiwan
ISA Card Soundblaster / CD-ROM interfaces Sony, Mitsumi et Panasonic SC-6000
ISA Controller Card IDE/Floppy/RS232/Centronics CH-101B
ISA Mini 286 courier I/O Card PTI-210
ISA PII-134 Monochrome Graphic Printer Card resources page
JU-475-4CGJ Panasonic Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. 5"1/4 Floppy Drive
Kontron MPP-80 EPP-80 programmer resources page
Laserdisc microcomputer 8049 -based PHILIPS interface cards
Leap Electronic EP-1 EPROM programmer resources page
Leap Electronic U-1 universal programmer & tester resources page
Leap 101 eprom eeprom writer
LEAP-101 A Multi-chip programmer resources page
Links to legacy microcomputers resources pages
Lloyd Research L9000 programmer resources page
MC68705P3 stand-alone reader / copier / Programmer
MEPX4 EPROM programmer resources page
Minato 1866A Eprom programmer resources page
Minato 1890 programmer resources page
Minitel Terminal alphanumeric Matrix Keyboards Resources page
MIR-TRONIC Modulprommer 9080 Eprom programmer resources page
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MF355F-2490 floppy drive resources page
Mitsubishi Electric MF355F-490UC manufacture date: AUG 1994 DEL. REV. M S/N M401860 FIE REV. 2- 3 Mode Floppy (180788-201) Spare
Model P1600 Eprom programmer
Modular Circuit Technology (MCT) MOD-EMEP-8 programmer resources page
Modular Circuit Technology (MCT) MOD-MEP4 programmer resources page
Modular Circuit Technology (MCT) Stand Alone Host adaptor MOD-HMDL resources page
Modular Circuit Technology (MCT) Eprom Programmer
Modular Circuit Technology (MCT) IC Tester
Modular Circuit Technology (MCT) MOD-MEP-1C programmer resources page
Multiprom Programmer resources page
NEC PG-1500 prom programmer resources page
Neoware CA10 Thin Client resources page
Neoware Systems CA2 Thin Client resources page
Nixdorf PC XT Computer
old Hard Disk interface card (1984/1985)
Olitec modem resources page
PCB101 Pic Programmer resources page
PCI 10-base T network interface card FCC-ID :HED1207BTX4EN P/N 770001750 Rev:01 Serial: S/N: C828A2
pci ethernet card based on digital 21143-PD chipset
PCI interface sound card A (tm) VORTEX Areal Semiconductor Inc (c) 1999 p/n BA88VL10A-01 Assy A Rev. A
Phone line interface Card
PLD Analyzer ISA card resources page
Point of Sale terminal TPScam 2000 LOGICAM
Power Supply 24 Volts / 1.7 Amp
Programmateur de REPROM P32-256 CAIMsa resources page
Programmateur PRM4 page de ressources
PROMAC programmer resources page
PTK-4000+KA-160 combo
QUADRAM EGAVGA 17-9076-01 REV 1 ISA EGA interface card serial 08310179 - rev 1A
Remote temperature transmitter for Lacrosse Technology digital radio controlled lcd clock
Repair a Paradox corrupted database
SAGEM F@ST 800 usb adsl modem
SAGEM/ALCATEL PHONE/FAX Mainboard resources page
SAMSUNG Electronics SD840 Series - 80386-33 based microcomputer resources page
Seagate ST32140A hard disk unit - Replace with Compaq Spare 225521-001 resources page
Serial, Parallel and Game port ISA interface card Unique
Serial, Parallel Port, Game port (optional) RTX-03F(V2) ISA 8 bits Interface Card Made in TAIWAN
SGS-Thomson GAL Starter Kit programmer resources page
Sharp LI2006 Calculator chip resources page
Single serial port ISA interface Card FT-890130
Sitecom PCI Network Interface Card Linux Version resources page
SMS Sprint plus programmer resources page
SMS Sprint-Expert TOP40DIP & TOP1PLC Model S100 resources page
SMS Sprintplus48 programmer resources page
Sony interface cd-rom drive unit FUNAI FCR-C2-P
SONY MODEL MP-F17W 3.5 Floppy drive unit resources page
SONY MPF520-4 3 Mode Floppy resources page
Stack S2000 Eprom programmer resources page
Stag P301 handheld Devices Programmer resources page
Stag PPZ - Zm2500 universal programmer resources page
STAG Quasar 1040 - 1084 PC universal programmer
Stag Stratos PC Eprom Programmer resources page
STAG Eclipse programmer resources page
Stag Eprom programmer PP38 resources
Stag Orbit 32 portable eprom programmer resources page
STAG ORBIT 48 EPROM pogrammer resources page
Stag P801 programmer resources page
Stag PP39 programmer resources page
Stag PP40 programmer resources page
Stag PP41 Mos programmer
Stag PP42 programmer resources page
Stag SOLAR Advanced Programming System
Stag System 3000 Universal programmer
Stag ZL30 Logic Programmer Resources page
Stag ZL30B PLD programmer resources page
Sunshine BW-601 bipolar programmer card resources page
Sunshine EPROM programmer resources page
Sunshine EW-904BN EPROM programmer resources page
Sunshine Expro-40 Eprom programmer resources page
Sunshine Expro-60/80 universal programmers & testers resources page
Sunshine PAL programmer resources page
Sunshine PAW-401 pal programmer resources page
Sunshine EW-704 Eprom writer resources page
Sunshine Picker-20 TTL / CMOS logic IC & DRAM IC tester resources page
SUNSHINE Power100 programmer resources page
Super EX SE4943 programmer resources page
TG-03 USB PCI interface Card (2 USB-ports) tested to comply with FCC standards (Made in China) SD-USB861-2
TL-AK TOP HFDC ISA 16-bits interface card 59-6083-0010 (Made in TAIWAN)
Transdata Eprom programmer resources page
Universal Philips SBC RU254 remote controls - resources
Vpp-48 (tm) Eprom writer from five corners Corp. taiwan
VS4800 Eprom Programmer resources page
WELLON VP-280 EPROM Programmer resources page
Western Digital WDXT-GEN ISA Card Floppy HDD
Western Digital Winchester Hard disk drive 1 drive 0 floppy WD1006V-SR2 ISA interface card
Willem True-USB programmer(GQ-3X) PRG-028 resources page
WSI Magicpro III programmer resources page
Xeltek SP5000 universal programmer resources page
Xeltek superpro 680 programmer resources page
Xeltek Superpro II programmer resources page
Xeltek Superpro programmer resources page
Xeltek Unipro programmer resources page
Xender Labtool XP6005/6007 programmer resources page
XGecu TL866II Plus USB High Performance Programmer

Vous recherchez un composant, un datasheet, une carte d'un sous ensemble électronique, une étude publiée dans une revue, j'ai peut-être des éléments qui peuvent vous aider. N'hésitez pas à me contacter!

If you are looking for a component, a data sheet , an electronic card, some project resources developped in a magazine, I have perhaps some information that can help you. Do not hesitate to contact me!

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