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Manuel ELAN C41 (PDF-11.07Mb)

ELAN C41 User's Manual (english) (PDF- 16 pages - 2.22Mb)

ELAN C41 Service Manual (PDF - 24 pages - 577Kb)

connectique ELAN

mode d'emploi

software useful to program EPROM with ELAN C41 programmer : in the choice field enter ELAN E12 (choice N° 2) (ZIP Archive - 39Kb)

RS232 ELAN C41

Notice d'utilisation : LOCICIEL DE TRANSFERT ELAN

Bdtelic.zip (ZIP Archive - 360Kb) Software that allow to emulate Élan C41, Élan 5000, Datai/o 29B et Datai/o 0288 programmers.
This software was used to load EPROMs of Alcatel 2600 Autocom during release Changes of the pabx software. huge quantity of EPROMs in these autocom.The software works under MS-DOS; to start the software you have to execute "BDCLIENT.BAT",You must also create a directory on c:\ with name "BDTELIC" and copy all the files in it.
In the ZIP Archive there is a Télic database which is here to understand the mechanism of the operating software. It allows to read binary files and to send them with there contents to the blank EPROM via the programmer.

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