Pentium II 350 MHz Motherboard


original BIOS AWARD PCI/PNP 686 S/N 143165347 (c) 1998 updated with Esupport last BIOS Available 2A5LEH0A.ZIP

keyboard PS/2

mouse PS/2

2 USB Ports

2 serial Ports / 1 parallel Port

U37 ITE IT8687R 9837-DYO ZB7Y44

UX2 ITE IT8671F-A 9837-DYS E7T180 (c) AmMéga 07-96 This Super I/O includes keyboard controller (KBC), and supports keyboard and mouse power up. The PC can be powered up by striking the keyboard or clicking the mouse when the PC is at an OFF state. In addition to these user-friendly and security features, the IT8671 is the only Super I/O with value-added functions packed in a 100-pin QFP package

U1 ICS 9150AF -07 9841 CK820629

U4 Intel PCI set PW82371EB (c) Intel -96

Toshiba CR2032 Lithium 3V cell

SDR-DIMM 256Mb PC100 168PIN 16x8

SD256PC100 256 Mb

Intel Pentium II 350/512/100/2.0V S1 18490366-0126 Philippines i(c) '97 SL356

NIKO L1084 81602B 9834 TO-220

Harris HIP6004ACB 9814

12 VDC Ball Bearing fan Made in Taiwan

Floppy interface 34 pin

2 IDE HDU Interfaces

ATX Motherboard Power supply

PCB 9845 94V_0 M6

RST Keylock Speaker HDD PW ON

CE Tested to Comply With FCC Standards For Home or Office USE

Floppy disk drive 1.44Mb 3"1/2 MF355F-490UC Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Replace with COMPAQ spare 3 MODE FLOPPY (180788-201)

FIE. REV. 03 Date Dec 1994 DEL. REV. M Made in Thailand 18-95 122138-02 K

USB Optical Mouse Trust MI-2500X Optical Mouse Item No : 14178 5VDC 100mA

Sound Blaster AWE64 (c) Creative Technology Ltd 1997 Made in Singapore ISA Card

Matrox copyright 2000 971-0301 Rev. A graphic card AGP Bus

Realtek RTL8139C 19227Q1 138B Taiwan Ethernet PCI Card

hard disk 40 Gb date 28/08/03 Hitachi Deskstar TM x2

hard disk Quantum 3.5 series Fireball (tm) CR Power REQ 5/12V 650/720mA

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