Minato Electronics 1890 & 1890A PROM Programmers
Programmateurs de composants Minato 1890 et 1890A - Page de Ressources



Minato Programmer Device Code list (PDF - 41 pages - 28.86 Mb)

EP-ROM Programmer 1890 instruction Manual (PDF - 249 pages - 52.67Mb)

XPROM software to communicate with the PC :cost of this software 250e/30,000Y from Minato

Firmwares model 1890A


firmware Minato 1890A V2.8 AM27C256-150 (.BIN -32Kb)

firmware Minato OU-910 V 4.31A TMS72C512-15 (.BIN - 64Kb)

firmware Minato 1890A V2.1 HN27C256 (.BIN - 32Kb)

firmware Minato 1890A V4.06 MBM27C512 (.BIN - 64Kb)


latest firmware for 1890A :

For the 1890a main unit V2.8 is the newest

firmware Minato OU-910 V 4.32R1 TMS72C512-15 (.BIN - 64Kb)



minato M1890 english manual

minato M1890a device list

minato 1890 (deutsch)

minato 1890 operation Manual

minato devices list 1994

minato OU910 operation manual

minato update 1995-03-02

minato update 1995-03-17

minato update 1995-03-22

minato update 1996-02-19


Minato 1890


Minato 1890A interfaces parallel & RS-232-C


OU-910 card

Minato 1890A power supply

MINATO ELECTRONICS INC. JAPAN CN95048A-T-2 MEMORY P.K.G II memory expansion card




If you look forward for other information about this universal device Programmer, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at: matthieu.benoit@free.fr .
Important Notice: Also if you have any data about this programmer, adapters diagrams, do not hesitate to contribute to this page.

Si vous recherchez des informations pour ce programmateur, vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail : matthieu.benoit@free.fr . De même si vous avez des informations sur ce programmateur, n'hésitez pas à contribuer à cette page.

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17 juillet, 2021