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Data IO are no longer supporting the SPRINT/OPTIMA programmer...

This is as of October 2016.

How ever...

self-extracting archive previously hosted by available in this archive (ZIP Archive - 61.32Mb)

This download contains TLWIN 7.8X and C/2016+1.

Installation on a Windows system will update the SMP in your Optima to A/2017.

All devices unlocked.

Latest algorithms etc...

After installation ... Start TLWIN and perform "UPDATE DEVICE DATABASE".

Within several minutes your LPT SPRINT/OPTIMA will be upgraded to C/2016+1 ( A/2017 )


[DIR] DeviceList/
[DIR] DeviceNotes/
[DIR] Manuals/
[DIR] Mods/
[ ] Revision.doc

TaskLink 7.81

TaskLink for Windows Ver 7.81 is the latest update in the TaskLink architecture supporting PS Series Optima and Sprint programmers. For the latest information on TaskLink, visit
Device Support Information

For a list of new devices supported on Sprint programmers, go to

For a list of all devices supported on Data I/O programming systems, go to the Data I/O main Device Search on the Web.
What’s New for All Programming Systems

1. Corrected a minor display problem where transparent bands appeared above and below the toolbar when a newer version of the Microsoft Common Controls component is installed.
What's New in All FlashCORE Programming Systems

1. Sped-up job creation time on FlashCORE systems for certain cases where the data file is smaller than the device size and Absolute Binary data format is used (other conditions also apply).

2. Fixed a bug in the JEDEC translator (91) which caused the fusemap checksum calculation to be incorrect if there was no ‘F’ field present in the JEDEC file.

3. Removed a test that compared the number of fuses in the JEDEC file against the QF field because some JEDEC files do not contain all of the fuses for the device.
What's New in FlashPAK

No unique changes this release.
What's New in FLX500

No unique changes this release
What's New in RoadRunner/RoadRunner3

No unique changes this release
What's New in PS Series FlashCORE

No unique changes this release
What's New in PS Series Optima

No unique changes this release.
What's New in Sprint

No unique changes this release.
What's New in UniFamily

No unique changes this release.

Data I/O Sprint S421x adapter for MCS-48 microcontrollers

the sprint optima was a replacement for the sprint expert because of pc-interface (now with parallel port)!

software can be found here

B_11dev devices list (txt - 7.3Mb)

I got the new power supply from DataI/O. I tested and calibrated the complete system with my 3 TOPs.

The LPT-Cable is a 1:1 25pin cable with 2 male connectors

After the complete test and calibration with the „OTESTNT.EXE“ program, the optima system works with all 3 TOPs fine.

Adapter diagram to program TQFP MC68HC705C8A


The Power supply from DataI/O is a universal power supply (See „Universal Power Supply.jpg“) for different systems. The universal power supply has 3 voltages:+5V, +12V and -5V. The Optima system only need +5V and +12V (See „Optima connector.jpg“). If you connect the universal power supply with the Optima system, you will damage the unit. For the correct supply, i have to use a adapter cable (See „Adapter Cable for Optima.jpg“). This cable only connect the +5V and +12V with the Optima, the -5V is not connected.



DATAIO SPRINT OPTIMA with SMS Sprint Expert TOP40DIP top and Optima ITE power supply Model No : UP02512010

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If you look forward for other information about this universal eprom programmer, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at: .
Important Notice: Also if you have any data about this topic, do not hesitate to contribute to this page.

Si vous recherchez des informations pour ce programmateur universel, vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail : . De même si vous avez des informations sur ce sujet, n'hésitez pas à contribuer à cette page.

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