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CCSP (Circuit Cellar Serial Programmer) eprom programmer has been made by MicroMint but it is actually a device designed in 1985 by Steve Ciarcia.
The circuitry is amazingly similar to the Mod-Mep 4 and many devices made by JDR Microdevices. It uses nearly the same set of parts and the article describes quite clearly and provides schematics of the device.

The only difference is that JDR chose to provide a PC interface card instead of the serial interface in the original Ciarcia design. Ciarcia was affiliated with JDR.

the user interface is a bit clumsy.

Curious if the circuitry for the later series of Mod Mup is similar.

Documentation is available here (PDF- 50 pages - 3.58 Mb)


build an intelligent serial eprom programmer Intel Article Reprint AR-525 ( PDF- 17 pages - 1019Kb)


info and code is available here (ZIP Archive - 121 Kb)

MODMEP4 information (PDF - 1.99 Mb) software






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