HI-LO SYSTEM RESEARCH CO, LTD. DMT-01 digital & memory tester
Testeur digital et circuits mémoires DMT-01 de HILO
DMT-01 resources page

The programmer is composed of a 8 bit ISA Card CSA-01 as you can see on this picture -
Please if you have any information about this programmer thanks to contact me.

The ISA Card is nearly the same that the CSA-03 used in the ALL02 See /all02 directory


Software DMT-01 to be used with this tester (Archive RAR - 26Kb)



I am looking for any information about this tester especially for the software to make it working - Please if you have any information do not hesitate to contact me at matthieu.benoit@free.fr






If you look forward for other information about this IC tester , do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at: matthieu.benoit@free.fr . Also if you have any data about this programmer, do not hesitate to contribute to this page.


Si vous recherchez des informations pour ce testeur de circuits , vous pouvez me contacter par e-mail : matthieu.benoit@free.fr . De même si vous avez des informations sur ce programmateur, n'hésitez pas à contribuer à cette page.

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