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Eprom Programmer P4000 resources

The P4000 is an EPROM copier (one master EPROM copied into up to 8
blanks of the same type) in the same series as the EP4000.

It's a lot more conventional in design than the EP4000 (but of course
it does a lot less). Anyway, here's the schematic and firmware EPROM
dump for it.

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Note that the master (source) and target EPROMs must be the same type. You can't copy a single-rail 2716 into 3-rail ones or vice versa.

The EP4000 can program those types as well. In fact the EP4000 and P4000 work with exactly the same types of EPROMs. The EP4000 lets you edit the data, transfer it over a serial port, etc. The P4000 makes up to 8 copies.


GP Industrial P4000 schematics (PDF - 14 pages - 8.24 Mb)


P4000 ROM firmware archive (ZIP- 2Kb)

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data sheets

M5L2716K 16384-Bit Erasable and Electrically Reprogrammable ROM Mitsubishi Electric

INS8060 (PDF) Single-Chip 8-Bit N-Channel Microprocessor National Semiconductor

INS8154 (PDF) N-Channel 128-by-8 Bit RAM Input/Output National Semiconductor




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