Seagate ST32140A hard disk unit - Replace with Compaq Spare 225521-001
w/ Compaq mechanical fixations BPE 197097 001 617 and BPE 197097 002 617


Power Ratings:
- 12VDC 250mA
- 5VDC 275mA

datecode :9125

drive parameter :

4095 CYL 16 HEADS 63 SECTORS 2113 MB

tested OK


Cirrus Logic CL-SH600-80QC-E1 65889-690GT 9613
Intel S3C196KM20 @20MHz
Seagate 100133-501 980 D11521PZ (c)94
ST 100108-559 ANR3B9614 FRANCE
ST 100145-501 RB11G9609 PHIL
Samsung KM68257CJ-20
Seagate 100144-501 1516A9610 HA
2090FS 6130 (so-16)
AV7-13C 9612
S/N: #23732-143EC0462 datecode : 9722

BU2090FS, Rohm, 12-bit serial IN, parallel OUT driver, SO16:

V53C8126HK45, Mosel Vitelic, 128K x 8bit, fast page mode CMOS DRAM, 5V, 26/24 SOJ:

KM68257CJ-20, Samsung, 32K x 8-Bit SRAM, 5V, DIP-28:

AV9107C-13, Avasem (Integrated Circuit Systems), 2x clock generator from 14.318 MHz reference, 5V/3.3V, SOIC-8, (marking AV7-13C ?): Database for hard disks and controllers (jumpers, settings, etc..) What is inside a hard disk

. A work to design a hard disk unit interface PC IDE/AT with a PIC16F871 Microcontroller from Microchip Leds indicating the hdu is transferring data Jumper settings for 18655 devices Total Hardware 1999 - Art of Hacking 5900 Hard Drive Jumper Settings The XT-IDE project is a Vintage Computer forum driven project to develop and manufacturer an 8-bit ISA IDE controller. It allows any PC/XT class machine to use modern IDE hard drives or Compact Flash devices for long term storage. golden oldies: drives we used to love and hate Redhill Guide


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