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5"1/4 Floppy Disk reader
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DISTAR 5"1/4 Floppy Drive Unit
LDD-103 connector HE10 2x10pin motor type KP39HM2-008 1.8deg/step servo China corp licensed by japan servo co. ltd p/n 41-0010-0019

interfaces to the Apple2 Microcomputer.

The main card "LDD-103" integrates the following ICs:
Intel D2716 Eprom : binary content of the 2716 Eprom (2Kb- BIN file)
IC1: SGS SN74LS124A (to be verified)
IC2: Motorola MC3346P
IC3: Motorola :: MC3470
IC4 :
IC5 : Texas Instruments SN74LS75N
IC6 : ULN2003A

J5 : 5-pins magnetic head connector MXJ-12 2695 ( ) (4 wires are connected) 1 Polarising Key

J3 : Connector 2x10 pins HE10 connector 15-3524-5

mechanical part is P/N 41-0010-0019

motor card is "PC-541"

motor type DDF5-25A Rating DC12V 0.75A Max Servo China Corp. Taiwan R.O.C. Licensed by Japan Servo CO., Ltd.

stepper motor is type KP39HM2-008 1.8 DEG/STEP manufactured by SEIKO CHINA CORP., TAIWAN R.O.C Licensed by Japan Seiko Co. Ltd.



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