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26 mars, 2022

Manufacturer Title
Revision distributor
AMS-702D October 2001  
E86 Family Products &
  October 1998  
APRA-NORM Enclosure technology
Catalog 2009
  June 2001  
  November 2002  
ICs for Aerospace

September 2002

BECKHOFF 01'2010
New automation technology
Products and solutions Jan 2010  
CRYSTAL A division of Cirrus Logic 1998 Product Guide edition 1 1998 version 1.0 Newtek rungis
CUSTOM WEB CDROM Point Of Sale OEM products Relese 2.0 02/00 eao
cypressQ4-1997 (ISO image - 215Mb)
Databook cd-rom Q4 1997 release Sonepar
cypress1999  (ISO image - 216Mb)
Databook cd-rom Spring/Summer 1999
CYPRESS   Databook cd-rom Spring 2000  
CYPRESS WARP Release 5.1 Programmable Logic Design Software 1998 Release  
CYPRESS WARP Release 4.1 VHDL Development System for PLDs; CPLDS, and FPGAs Release 4.1 1996  
switchs catalog 
ED.2.0 03/00
semiconductor data base 115000 transistors, diodes, thyristors, ics
Version 2002  
1998-2007 Edition  
ELEKTOR Data_sheets Collection Vol.1à4
sélection de Datasheets
ELEKTOR Edition revue de 1998 à 2007
Articles magazine Elektor
EMILE MAURIN Michaud Chailly
110.000 comp. normalisés Bibliothèques CAO
V.1.0 01/00  
leader in ultra low power, low
voltage solutions
Oct 2002

ED Malakoff
EUPEC Power Semiconductors Data-CD 2004
power electronics in motion
FARNELL CD-ROM Fiches Techniques des Semiconducteurs 3eme Volume Juin 1997  
FARNELL CD-ROM Fiches Techniques des Semiconducteurs 2eme Volume Dec. 1996  
FERRAZ Fuse & Fusegear Groupe CARBONE LORRAINE 1999 Edition  
FREESCALE semiconductor
CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers Special Edition and HCS12(X) Special Edition


V4.7 2008
Freescale semiconductor
FORUM4S Catalog
6-9 octobre 2009
HARRIS Harris Design Resources CD   1997  
HEWLETT PACKARD Electronic Components Designer's Catalog Aug. 1997  
HITACHI Microcontroller, Memory, LCD, ASIC, Video   Electronic Components Databook Oct. 1997
INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES Technical Product Information for Semiconductors Edition 9.2, Feb 1999 May 1999 2CDs  
INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER iractive   © 1998 Sonepar
INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER iractive   1998 Edition Sonepar
INTERTRONIC97     April 1997  
IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS High Performance IC Sockets and Adapter Designs Catalog XVII 2004 Edition MANUDAX France
ISD ChipCorder & CompactSPEECH Products CD-ROM 1998 Edition A2M
ISDATA LOG/iC2 Evaluation Vendor Specific Fitter Software
KEIL Tools by ARM ©2010 ARM Ltd & ARM GmbH v. 05.2010 ARM,Cx51,C166 2011
KEILSOFTWARE Development Tools for 8051, 251, & 166 microcontrollers Demo CD Feb 1997 Edition  
KONTEK COMATEL Electronic Connectors Manufacturing   CDROM 2002
KONTRON Product Guide 2010   2010  
LATTICE ISP SYNARIO Software isp_synario ISP Encyclopedia Databook, ISP Design Soft. January 1997  
LINEAR TECHNOLOGY LINEAR View™ Product Data Version 2.0 April 1997  
MACRONIX 2002 data book Macronix International Co. Ltd. 2002
ED Malakoff 
MAXIM Full-line Data Catalog   Version 4.0 2000 Edition  
MAXIM Full-line Data Catalog   Version 5.0 2001 Edition  
METROWERKS Code Warrior Devpt Studio for Motorola HC08 Microcontrollers Version 2.0 2002


MICROCHIP 1996 Microchip Technical Library   Third Edition
FARNELL Components
MICROCHIP Technical Library CD-ROM June 1998  
MICROCHIP Technical Library CD-ROM   First Edition 2001 2 CDs  
MICROCHIP Technical Library CD-ROM   First Edition 2000 2/00  
MICROCHIP   1996 Technical Library 3rd Edition 1996  
MOLEX Web CD   Summer 1999  
MOTOROLA Networking Communications Device Documentation 860 family,360 family, 302 family

Rev. 2 1997

MOTOROLA 68hc05 68hc08 Web Site and Technical Documentation kit Rev. 5 1998  
MOTOROLA 8-bit Microcontrollers DIGITALDNA 68HC05 68HC08, 68HC11 Rev.2 2000 vol1of2  
MOTOROLA 16 & 32-bit Microcontrollers
Rev.2 2000 vol2of2  
NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS Labview User Group CEA/CERN   Nov. 1996 Version 1.0  
NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS Instrupedia 96 Your interactive Encyclopedia for Instrumentation Volume 1 NO3 1996  
NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS Software ShowCase   Rev 1.1 1996,1999 Edition  
NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS DAQ Designer 2000   2000 Edition  
NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS IMAQ Vision Evaluation Software   1998 Edition  
NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS DAQ Designer 1997   1997 Edition  

NI LabVIEW 2009 DVD d'évaluation

National Instruments
3 DVDs 2009 Edition Evaluation 30 jours
NI LabVIEW 2010 DVD d'évaluation National Instruments 3 DVDs 2010 Edition Evaluation 30 jours
NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Datasheets Application Notes Spring 98 2 CDs Avnet

Datasheets Catalog

  Spring 2005 2 CDs  
NEC 78K0 Catalogue complet Microc. 8 bits 1995 Edition  
OMRON Automatiquement Votre Notices Techniques Produits Version 1.0 Oct. 1999  
OMRON Issue 7 Components '2009
ON Analog ICs Analog FamilyTree and Datasheets   Rev. 4 July 2002  
ON Semiconductor Literature Library   2002 2CDs  
PHILIPS Integrated Circuits IC02 Semiconductors for Television & Video Systems 1998 Edition
PHYTEC Catalog 2010
English version
PMC-SIERRA   Product Information Catalog Volume 5 Issue 2 1999  
Company Profile, Product information
Styrel technologies
PORTWELL 2010 Company Profile - Product Information
Styrel technologies
POWEREX Global Power-Semiconductor Solution Provider
Product Line July 2003
PROTEL Electronic Design System Evaluation CD3   1996 Edition  
QUICKLOGIC   Data Book Development tools 2000  
RAMTRON Ramtron International Corporation
FRAM Product Information
Rev 111901 -2001  
RTS'2000 Real Time Systems   8eme Edition 2000  
S+M Siemens Matsushita Passive Components Passive Components Databook Library 1996 edition 1996 DEL
S+M Siemens Matsushita Passive Components Databook Library   1998 Edition Tekelec
SAMSUNG Think #1 Think Samsung 1997 Edition  
SEMIKRON Innovation+service Databook 2004  

Sony discrete devices

English Databook 1999  
ST Microelectronics DataOnDisk   2nd Edition 1999
ST Quentin Radio Site Web   Version 1 23/2/02  
SYNOPSYS FPGA EXPRESS   Version 1.1 1997  
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LOGIC Selection Guide & Databook October 1997  
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LOGIC Selection Guide & Databook February 2000  
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI DSP Third Party Application Software & Development Guide 1998 Edition
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TMS320 DSP Solutions CD-ROM Product Database, Technical Documentation, Parametric Search, Web Update 1997 Edition
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS ANALOG / Mixed-Signal   February 2000
VANTIS Design Direct Complete Programmable Logic Solution
Version 1.1  
VANTIS vantis_ddirect.iso - vantisddirect.iso (ISO image - 68.6Mb) Vantis Design Direct Vista license.dat
Version 1.1  
VECTOR Informatik GmbH Demo DVD v.9.12    
VOGT AG Fastening Technology Cable terminals, Contact pieces for PCB, soldering tags, Riveting technique, Mechanical elements
Solderless splices, Hand tools, Presses and accessories Product Catalog
Version 01/2002-01/e  
WSI PSD and Memory Products   1998 Edition Version 2.0 Microel
XILINX Programmable Logic Databook   1996 Edition Reptronic
XILINX Datasource Dec-2004   12/2004  
YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS Full Line Catalogue Test and Burn-In Sockets, etc.. Version 11/03
ZETEX Data Catalog Product datasheets & Applications Issue 1 Dec. 1999  


List of the hardcopy data books & manuals that I have for Exchange or Give Away (to be completed) :


- ACTEL ACT Family Field Programmable Gate Array DATABOOK April 1992 (Ref.: 5172020-2)

- ACTEL The FPGA Design Guide August 1991 (Ref.: 5172021-0)

- ACTEL The FPGA Design Guide II December 1992 ( Ref.: 5172021-1)

- ALLEGRO Microsystems Inc. Integrated and Discrete Semiconductors AMS-500 (©1991 Allegro Microsystems, Inc.)

- ALTERA Data Book 1995

- AMD Advanced Micro Devices MACH Family Data Book High Density EE CMOS Programmable Logic Data Book 1992 ( Ref. BAN-37-7/92-0 14051F)

- AMD Advanced Micro Devices PAL Device Data Book 1992 (Ref.: WCP-100M-2/92-0 10173C AMD)

- AMD Bipolar Microprocessor Logic and Interface Am2900 Family 1983 Data Book

- AMD Ethernet / IEEE-802.3 Family 1990 World Network Data Book/Handbook

- AMD AmZ8000 family 1980

- Apple Computer APPLE II Super Serial Card Installation and Operating Manual


- Apple Computer Image Writer Manuel de l'utilisateur : Partie I : Référence

- Apple Computer Image Writer : Manuel de l'utilisateur Partie II : Guide pour l'apple II

- Apple Computer Apple //e Travaux Pratiques Applesoft Pour //e seulement

- Apple Computer Apple II Instant Pascal Language Reference Manual ; Compatible with Apple //c and 128K Apple //e

- Apple Computer Apple II Reference Manual

- Apple Computer Applications du 6502 Rodnay Zaks

- Apple Computer The Applesoft Tutorial

- Apple Computer Apple //e Manuel de Référence Pour //e seulement

- Apple Computer Manuel de l'utilisateur ProDOS

- Apple Computer Apple II Le Manuel DOS Système d'exploitation sur disquette (2 ex.)

- Apple Computer Apple //e Guide de l'utilisateur

- Apple Computer éléments de programmation en basic avec ProDOS

- Apple Computer : The Applesoft Tutorial

- Apple Computer : Apple //e Additif au Manuel de Référence : Listage de la ROM Moniteur Pour //e seulement

- Apple Computer : Imagewriter // : Manuel de l'utilisateur

- Apple Computer : Apple II Manuel de référence Basic AppleSoft

- Apple Computer : Mini Floppy Disk Drive for Apple II

- Apple Computer : Apple II APPLESOFT Guide Pratique du BASIC Etendu

- Apple Computer Apple II The DOS Manual Disk Operating System

- Datasheet - Requires Acrobat Reader® Apple Computer PSI Clefs pour l'Apple II Apple II plus et Apple //e

- Datasheet - Requires Acrobat Reader® Apple Computer PSI Clefs pour APPLE //c et //e 65C02

- Apple Computer SYBEX Programmez en BASIC sur APPLE II

- Apple Computer EYROLLES La conduite de l'Apple II Le Basic de l'Apple II

- Apple Computer SYBEX Le Basic par la pratique 60 exercices

- Apple Computer Bordas Analyse et programmation en BASIC

- Apple Computer EYROLLES le langage de programmation Pascal

- Apple Computer PSI Visa pour l'informatique

- Apple Computer PSI Programmation Système de l'Apple II Apple II et IIgs

- Apple Computer EYROLLES Le langage Basic et ses extensions

- Apple Computer UCSD Apple Pascal sur le bout des doigts

- ARM Architecture reference manual (second edition © 1996-2000 by David Seal - ADDISON-WESLEY)

- ARM system-on-chip architecture (second edition © 2000 by Steve Furber - ADDISON-WESLEY)

- ARM Architectural Reference Manual ( Prentice Hall by Dave Jaggar) © July 1996

- ATARI L'indispensable pour ATARI ST

- ATARI Micro Applications ATARI ST Le livre de 1st Word Plus

- ATMEL AT89 SERIES Flash MCUs Microcontroller Data Book Dec. 1997

- CML Consumer Microcircuits Limited Communications ICs Data Book Edition 4

- CML Consumer Microcircuits Limited Mixed-Signal Solutions Communications ICs Data Book Edition 5

- COMPAQ 1024 Color Monitor Installation Guide

- COMPAQ Ordinateurs Personnels COMPAQ ProLinea Manuel d'utilisation

- CPClare Catalog224 May 1996

- CREATIVE LABS TEXT-TO-SPEECH Blaster Manuel d'utilisation

- CREATIVE LABS Sound Blaster 16 Manuel d'utilisation

- CREATIVE LABS Manuel d'utilisation lecteur CD-ROM interne BLASTER CD

- CREATIVE LABS Sound Blaster Pro Manuel d'utilisation

- CYPRESS Semiconductor BiCMOS/ CMOS Data Book TTL ECL, SRAMs, PROMs, PLDs, FIFOs, RISC Logic (Published March 1,1992)


- CYPRESS Dial-A-Dual-Port

- CYPRESS ULTRA LOGIC Programmable Logic Data Book 1994/1995

- CYPRESS Applications HandBook (Ref. 1-694APPBK30000 - Published April 1994)

- DALLAS SEMICONDUCTOR Book of DS19xx Touch Memory Standards Edition 2.0 February 1994

- EPSON Imprimante LQ500 Guide de l'utilisateur

- EPSON Seiko Technical manual micro dot printer Model-180 (M-180), Model-181 , Model-182, Model-183, Model-185 English (PDF- 62 pages- 2.83Mb)

- EPSON Seiko Specifications for Control Board for the M-180 series BA-180 (PDF-47 pages - 1.7Mb)


- FAIRCHILD Collection of Applications Logic, Memories, µP, Interface, Linear, Opto, Discrete August 1978

- FUJITSU Databook Memories 1986-87

- GENERAL INSTRUMENTS Catalog of Optoelectronics Products 1986/1987

- HARRIS LINEAR ICs For Commercial Applications 1990

- HARRIS SEMICONDUCTOR CDP6805 CMOS Microcontrollers & Peripherals 1995

- HARRIS SEMICONDUCTOR Digital Product Data Book Volume 6 1988

- HEWLETT PACKARD Catalogue Optoélectronique 1985

- HEWLETT PACKARD OPTO ELECTRONIQUE Les meilleurs schémas d'applications

- HEWLETT PACKARD Led indicators and Displays Applications Handbook

- HEWLETT PACKARD La maitrise de la HP-28S Programmation et exercices

- HEWLETT PACKARD Voyage au centre de la HP28C /S


- HEWLETT PACKARD Manuel d'utilisation de l'imprimante HP Deskjet 720C Series



- HITACHI Flash Microcontrollers July 1997 Shortform

- INTEL vintage info _ other resources

- INTEL The 8086 Family User's Manual October 1979

- INTEL Embedded Control Applications (Order No 270535-001) 1988

- INTEL 8080 , 8085 Programmation en langage Assembleur LANCE A.LEVENTHAL Editions Radio 1982

- INTEL User Defined Logic Handbook EPLD Volume (Order No 296083-001) 1986

- INTEL Programmable Logic Handbook 1988 (296083-003)

- INTEL Memory Components Handbook (Order No 210830-005) 1986

- INTEL Memory Components Handbook 1987 (Order No 210830-006)

- INTEL Microcontroller Handbook (Order No 210918-003) 1985

- INTEL Microcontroller Handbook (Order No 210918-001) 1983



- INTEL Embedded source book 1995

- INTEL Super-P9 Mainboard User's Manual

- INTEL 310M Motherboard User's Manual

- INTEL MS-DOS 3.30 Guide de l'utilisateur Manuel de réféence

- INTEL LAROUSSE Structure et fonctionnement des ordinateurs

- INTEL MS-Windows 3.1 User's Guide Microsoft

- INTEL MASSON Le microprocesseur 8086 / 8088 matériel - logiciel - système d'exploitation

- INTEL Technique - Normes - Application des interfaces pour Micro-Ordinateurs

- INTEL Pentium P5I437P4/FMB PC Main Board User Manual

- INTEL PC100 SystemBoard Super Socket7 M577 User's Manual

- INTEL Microsystem Components Handbook Microprocessors & Peripherals Volume I 1985

- INTEL Embedded Controller Handbook 1987

- INTEL 8XC196KC/ 8XC196KD User's Manual (Code: 272238-001) 1992

- INTEL 8XC196KC Quick Reference September 1992 (Code: 272112-002)

- INTEL 8XC196KC Specification Update May, 1997 (Code: 272834-004)

- INTEL 8XC196KD Specification Update May, 1997 (Code: 272833-002)

- INTEL BORLAND Turbo Pascal 4.0 IBM Version Manual

- KYOCERA Compact Laser Printer F-Series Programming Manual

- LATTICE SEMICONDUCTOR Corporation GAL Generic Array Logic 1986

- LATTICE SEMICONDUCTOR Corporation GAL DATA BOOK 1991 ( Order : #B0005)

- LINEAR TECHNOLOGY Corporation Interface Product Handbook 1995

- LINEAR TECHNOLOGY Corporation 1990 Linear Databook Volume I

- LINEAR TECHNOLOGY Corporation 1994 Linear Databook Volume III

- LITE-ON Optoelectronics Databook 1994-1995 (European/U.S.A. Second Edition, Oct. 1994 LITE-ON)

- LOGICOM Odissey 2200 Téléphone sans fil DECT avec répondeur numérique Manuel d'utilisation
- LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES Field-Programmable Gate Arrays Data Book October 1996

- LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES Product Selection Guide 1998

- MAXIM 1993 New Releases Data Book Volume II (Maxim Integrated Products, France)

- MICRO-CAP II The student Edition of MICRO-CAP II An Electronic circuit Analysis program Martin S.Roden Addison-Wesley Release 5.0

- MICROCHIP Non-volatile memory Products Data Book - The emerging World standard 1995/1996

- MICROCOMPUTER Engineering Gene H. Muller Prentice Hall application to 68HC11 1993 book

- MITEL SEMICONDUCTOR Analog/ Digital TELECOM Components Issue 11 ( © 1997)

- MITEL SEMICONDUCTOR Applications Issue 11 ( © 1997)

- MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MT-30 GSM Manuel d'utilisation

- MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Microprocessors 1984

- MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC SEMICONDUCTOR Microcomputer Shortform Catalogue

- MITSUBISHI M16C Family Microcomputer Shortform

- MITSUBISHI SEMICONDUCTORS - Single-Chip 8-BIT Microcomputers Vol.2 1995 (Ref.: H-DD048-B-KI-9501 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

- MMI Monolithics Memories PLE Handbook First Edition 1984

- MMI Monolithics Memories MMI PAL / PLE™ Device Programmable Logic Array Handbook Fifth Edition 1986

- MOSEL- VITELIC Memory Data Book 1993-1994

- MOTOROLA PowerPC™ 603 RISC Microprocessor User's Manual IBM Microelectronics PowerPC Motorola MPC603UM/AD MPR603UMU-01 © Motorola Inc. 1994

- MOTOROLA Bipolar Power transistor Data Sixth Edition 1989

- MOTOROLA Semiconductors Optoelectronics Device Data 1983-84 First edition reprint 1984 -B043


- MOTOROLA Semiconductors A new plane in microcomputer 8-Bit Microprocessor & Peripheral Data 1984/85 DLE133/D

- MOTOROLA Semiconductors Single-chip Microcomputer data 1984/85 DLE 132/D First Edition 1985 DLE 132/D

- Motorola A Broad Spectrum of Design Solutions Microprocessor, Microcomputer and peripheral Data Voulume II 1988

- MOTOROLA M6805 HMOS M146805 CMOS Family Microcomputer / Microprocessor User's Manual M6805UM(AD2) 2nd Edition 1983

- MOTOROLA Analog Devices / Interface (Volume I & II Rev. Q4/96 DL128 Rev.8 Motorola Semiconductors)

- MOTOROLA Memory Data DL113 REV 6

- MOTOROLA HC11 M68HC11 Reference Manual M68HC11RM/AD 1989

- MOTOROLA MC68HC711K4 Technical Summary by BR751/D hardcopy

- MOTOROLA M6800 Microprocessor Applications Manual Benchmark family for Microcomputer Systems 1st edition 1975

- MOTOROLA 8-bit MCU Applications Manual DL408/D First Edition 1990 - DL408/D

- MOTOROLA MC68000 16-bit microprocessor User's Manual 2nd edition MC68000UM(AD2)

- MOTOROLA MC68881 Floating-Point Coprocessor User's Manual First Edition 1985

- MOTOROLA MC68020, MC68EC020 Microprocessors User's Manual (code M68020UM/AD) First Edition 1992

- MOTOROLA MC68HC711K4 Technical Summary 8-Bit Microcontroller Unit hardcopy data sheet 1990

- MOTOROLA Osborne Mc Graw-Hill 68000 Microprocessor Handbook includes 68008, 68010 & 68020 2nd edition 1986

- MOTOROLA Semiconductors MC68000L4 (4MHz) MC68000L6 (6MHz) MC68000L8 (8MHz) MC68000L10 (10MHz) HMOS 16-bit Microprocessor Advance information

- MOTOROLA Programming the M68000

- MOTOROLA Prentice Hall Microcomputer Engineering

- MOTOROLA Prentice Hall Microcomputer Technology The 68HC11

- MOTOROLA SYBEX Mise en oeuvre du 68000

- MOTOROLA Semiconductor Products Inc. McMOS Integrated Circuits Data Book First Edition (printed 12/1973)

- MOTOROLA Semiconductor Data Library CMOS Volume 5 Serie B 1976


- NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Data Update 6 November 1973

- NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Corporation Interface Databook 1986 (Ref. 400030)

- NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Embedded System Processor Databook 1989

- NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Memory Applications Handbook 1978

- NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Multi-Digit LED numeric Series August 1976

- NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Corporation Microcontroller Databook (Ref. 400068) 1987


- NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Mass Storage Handbook 400068 1989

- NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Corporation Microcommunication Elements Databook UARTs, NSC800 Family ( Ref. 400066) 1987

- NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Microprocessor Databook Series 32000, NSC800 Family 1989

- NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Programmable Logic Devices Databook and Design Guide 1989

- NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Memory Databook 400069 1992 Edition

- NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Advanced Peripherals Real Time Clock Handbook 1989

- NEC 8-bit Solutions brochure

- NEC Microcomputers 1983/84

- NEC Microprocessors and Peripherals (Ref. DBMP-IP...010V21)

- NEC µCOM-87AD FAMILY _8-Bit Microcomputers µPD78C10/C10A/C11/C11A/C12/C14/C14A/CP14/C17/C18/CP18 User's Manual

- NEC V20 to V50 Family V-Series 16-bit Microprocessors User Manual

- NEC V25/V35 Family V-Series 16-Bit Microcomputers User's Manual

- NEC 78K/III Family 16-bit Microcomputers µPD78320/324 User Manual

- OKI Microprocessor Data Book 1987 (issue date:MAR,1988- Third Edition)

- OKI Microcontroller Data Book Third Edition March 1988 (ref. MCU10-4A24-58)

- OKI CMOS 8-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller MSM80C31 , MSM80C51 User's Manual 1st Edition 1985

- OLITEC OLICOM POCHE Fax/Modem 14400 Ref 128 Manuel d'utilisation

- PANASONIC Cordless Telephone Answering Machine Model NO. KX-T4400 EASA-PHONE Operating Instructions

- PHILIPS Semiconductors for Television and Video Systems IC02 1998 ( Ref.:9397 750 01989 release: July 1997)

- PHILIPS Semiconductors Concise Catalogue 1993 (Ref.: 9398 652 35011 - Release 04-93)

- PHILIPS Signetics Linear LSI New Handbook and Application Notes Series Book IC11N New series 1985 (9398 127 9001I)

- PHILIPS Single-chip 8-bit Microcontrollers PCB83C552/562 User Manual 1989

- PHILIPS Magnetic field sensors Data sheet Octobre 1983

- PHILIPS Capteurs Notes d'application Nov. 1992

- PHILIPS Semiconductor temperature sensors Data Sheet Fev. 1993

- RCA Thyristors / Rectifiers Selection Guide / Data / Application Notes 1975

- ROCKWELL International Semiconductor Products Division MODEM Products Data Book 1987

- RTC I2C Bus Compatible ICs Data Manual IC12-1988( Ref. 6239-01/1988 RTC-COMPELEC)

- RTC Guide de l'ingénieur Edition 1988 (Ref.: 6223-1I/1987 RTC-COMPELEC Dépôt légal 4ème trimestre 1987)

- RTC Signetics TTL Fast Logic Data Manual (Ref.: 6228-11/1987 RTC-Compelec)

- SAMSUNG Semiconductor Inc. Microprocessor Peripheral Data Book 1988

- SAMSUNG Semiconductor Inc. LCD Dot Matrix Data Book 1988 for OA and Monitor , For LCD TV

- SAMSUNG Data Book 1995 Product Guide (100-5041 Apri., 1995)

- SAMSUNG Semiconductor PRODUCT GUIDE 1989 Data Book ( Printed April 1989)

- SAMSUNG GW-BASIC 3.22 Manuel de réference

- SEEQ Technology, Incorporated EEPROMS Databook 1987 EEPROM Micros, Flash EEPROM; High Speed EEPROM, CMOS EEPROM, EEPROM PLD, Data Comm, EEPROM Asic

- SGS ATES Linear integrated Circuits 1st Edition 1978

- SGS THOMSON-CSF (SESCOSEM) Linear integrated circuits ( Circuits intégrés linéaires) 1976

- SGS Technology and Service Power linear Actuators 2nd Edition 1984

- SGS Technology and Service DATABOOK FASTSWITCH TRANSISTORS for switching Power Supplies 1st Edition July 1986 (code: DAFASTSWITCH/1)

- SGS Technology and Service SHORTFORM Semiconductor Products and Systems 1983

- SGS Technology and Service TELECOMMUNICATION PRODUCTS September 1983 (code : DATELELECOM/2)

- SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics Programmable Logic Manual GAL PRODUCTS 1st Edition 1988 (code : AMPROLOGMAST/1)

- SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics ST62 LCD DRIVER ST624x/ ST628x Databook 1st Edition May 1993 ( code DBST624xFST/1)

- SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics Industrial and computer peripheral ICs databook 2nd Edition Feb. 1992 (code DBINCOMPEST/2)

- SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics MODEM Integrated Circuits Datasheets & Application Notes 2nd Edition (code DBMODEMST/2)

- ST6210/6225

- ST6 Software tools

- ST6 Starter Kit

- SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics ST62 MCU Family General Purpose databook 5th Edition (code DBST6ST/5)


- SIEMENS Microcomputer Components SAB 80C515 / SAB 80C535 8-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller User's Manual Edition 4.90 1990

- SIEMENS Microcomputer Components SAB 80C517A / 83C517A-5 8-Bit CMOS Single-Chip Microcontroller Addendum to User's Manual

- SIEMENS Microcomputer Components SAB 80515 / 80C515A-5 8-Bit CMOS Single-Chip Microcontroller Addendum to User's Manual

- SIEMENS Data Book 1980 /81 ICs for Entertainment Electronics

- SIEMENS Optoelectronics Data Book 1993-1994

- SILICONIX Analog Switch Data Book 1978

- SILICONIX MOSPOWER Data Book January 1985

- SITECOM 5-Port Ethernet Hub User's Manual

- SITECOM PCI 56K Modem HCF User's Manual

- SPRAGUE Integrated Circuits Databook WR-500 Data Book Power Drivers, Display Drivers, Transistor Arrays, Darlington Arrays, Timekeeping Circuits, Specialty Circuits

- STAR MICRONICS Imprimante matricielle LC24-10 Manuel de l'utilisateur

- STARTECH (an EXAR company) Clocks, UARTs, Peripherals 1996 (15K695BANYO 100-1007 © Exar Corporation 1996)

- ST MICROELECTRONICS TS92x FAMILY multi-application rail to rail Op-Amps March 1999

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Linear and Interface Circuit Applications 1986 Display Drivers & Data Transmission Line Circuits

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TMS370C16 Central Processing Unit System, and Instruction Set Reference Guide 1994 (code SPNU043)

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TMS320 DSP Product Overview DSP Products 1994

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Data Transmission Design Seminar 96 Manual

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Improving 32 Channel DTMF Decoders Using the TMS320C5x Application Report DSP Products 1996

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Over-Voltage Protection for Telecommunication Systems Data Manual & Application Information 1994

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Programmable Logic Data book 1988

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Linear and Interface Circuits Product Applications Volume 3 1988

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Programming Logic Qualification Data November 1987

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TVP3010 Video Interface Palette Data Manual Linear Products 1993

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TLC320AC02C , TLC320AC02I Single-Supply Analog interface Circuit Data Manual Linear products 1994

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Use of the TMS320C5x Internal Oscillator With External Crystals or Ceramic Resonators DSP Products 1995

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS DTMF Tone Generation and Detection An Implementation Using the TMS320C54x DSP Products 1997

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Boundary-Scan Logic IEEE Std 149-1 (JTAG) 5-V and 3.3-V Bus-Interface and Scan-Support Products 1997

- TEXAS Instruments Power Supply Circuits Voltage References, Voltage Regulators, PWM Controllers, Supervisors, Switches, Optoisolators and Special functions Mixed-Signal Products 1996

- TEXAS INSTRUMENTS DTMF Tone Detection - An Implementation using the TMS320C2xx Application Report 1997 (code BPRA067)

- TDK SEMICONDUCTOR CORP. embedded MODEM 1997 data book

- TDK SEMICONDUCTOR CORP. K-Series Modem design manual

- TDK SEMICONDUCTOR CORP. network connections data book 1997

- THOMSON-EFCIS Microprocesseur EF68000 Manuel de programmation 1980

- THOMSON-COMPONENTS (THOMSON SEMICODUCTORS) Microprocessors and peripheral 1984 Data Book

- THOMSON-EFCIS Microprocesseurs et Mémoires Catalogue 1980 (databook en français)

- THOMSON-EFCIS COMPOSANTS Microprocesseurs et Mémoires 1982 (databook en français)

- THOMSON SEMICONDUCTORS RF & Microwave Power Transistors 1985

- TIMTEL GOTO TELECOM Manuel d'utilisation

- TOSHIBA Motor Control & Driver IC Series Data Book ('92-9 D Toshiba Corporation)

- TOSHIBA 16-BIT Microprocessor TLCS-68000 (MICROPROCESSORS) 1995

- WESTERN DIGITAL Storage Management Products Handbook Addendum January 1985

- WSI PSDsoft™ PSDabel™ - HDL Reference Manual (printed 5/97 Waferscale Semiconductors Inc.)

- WSI High-Performance Non-volatile Memory (printed 10/91)

- WSI Programmable Peripherals Design and Applications Handbook (printed 2/92)

- WSI PSDsoft Lite User Manual (printed 6/97 Ref. ZL-0220-00)

- ZILOG Pioneering the Microworld 1982/83 Data Book

- ZILOG Components Shortform 1989

Forum CIEN2011

- Attend Technology Inc.

- ADDIS composants électroniques distributeur de composants électroniques

- DELDistribution électronique

- CEP câblage électronique production

- Bel Fuse Inc : transformateurs de ligne, transformateurs discrets pour réseaux et télécommunication, transformateurs de puissance standards et spécifiques, circuits de protection, interconnections, modules

Forum rts2011 rts embedded systems

- Catalogue officiel

- AREA DISPLAY Simply the best for you - une révolution dans le monde de l'affichage See

- le nouveau site de la filière électronique

- VIADESIGN "les experts en Solutions Electroniques" Connectivité M2M - Affichage et IHM - Composants - Conversion d'énergie 2011-2012

- SIMCom smart machine - smart decision Product Catalog SIMCom Wireless Solutions co.,Ltd. Version January 2011 distributed by VIADESIGN your electronic solutions

- Fastrax Receivers & Tracking products UP501 , IT520, IT430 smart positioning Choose from the widest range of GPS receiver solutions in the world! distributed by VIADESIGN your electronic solutions

- Visionox : Fabricant d'afficheurs OLED à matrice passive et bientôt à matrice active : Applications: POS, médical, Interface Homme Machine, consumer, électroménager... distribué par Via Design

- The result must agree - Bus-Technology made by Deutschmann! UNIGATE® IC Integrate the Fieldbus into your device without much development effort involved! All-in-one single bus nodes for CANopen, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, ETHERNET TCP/IP, InterBus, LONWorks, MODBUS TCP, MPI ETHERNET POWERLINK, PROFI BUS, PROFI NET - Deutschmann Automation Cam COntrols , fieldbus Gateways, Industrial Ethernet Products distributed by EURODIEC

- Market-based Solutions : FieldBus Technology from Deutschmann for good results! Deutschmann Automation GmbH & Co.

- TOKHATEC™ Design & Technologies congatec the rythm of embedded computing

- Antycip - Activité DEVSYS Solutions complètes de développement et de mise au point pour les applications temps réel enfouies à base de microcontrôleurs, microprocesseurs, FPGA et DSP
* formation Tests Unitaires hitex Development tools 1 à 2 jours antycip 93110 Rosny sous Bois
* formation RTOS KEIL Tools by ARM 1 jour
* Mise en oeuvre du STM32 et de l'architecture CORTEX-M3
* Mise en oeuvre du LPC1xxx de NXP et de l'architecture CORTEX-M3
* Garz & Fricke NESO SERIES Low Cost Embedded Systems : NESO 5.7 basic - NESO 5.7 boxed : Cost-effective Design for industrial Controllers, Human-Machine-interfaces, laboratory Equipment, POS/Vending Machines, Automotive Applications ; Freescale Enabled + Windows Embedded Silver Partner + Linux

- Intel Virtualization Technology Announcing the End of the Two-Box Solution for Embedded, Real-Time Applications : Concrete production system harnesses TenAsys eVM® for Windows®, Intel Virtualization Technology and high-performance, multi-core Intel architecture to enable a single system to reliably and securely support both general-purpose and real-tim operating systems.
For more information , ,

- IC Interface Concept Advanced Electronic Solutions : Gamme de produits constituée de : COMETH : Commutateurs Ethernet et Routeurs IP, PREMIUM: Cartes processeurs PowerPC™, Intel®, Vertex®, LINES : Plate-formes de communication avec liaisons séries multi-protocoles, I/O Boards : Cartes Graphiques 2D/3D, Modules de stockage...

- PHYTEC concepteur et fabricant de modules à microcontrôleur 2011

- Green Hills Software, Inc. TimeMachine Debugging Suite

- Leading the embedded World corporate and product Overview Green Hills Software

- Green Hills Probe : the high-speed design of the Green Hills Probe enhances productivity in every phase of your project from development to manufacturing

- High performance Displays & Semiconductors Eurocomposant 2011/2012 Guide de sélection

- VIA Embedded Boards ; 2010 Advantech Device and Computing Star Product Guide distributed by Eurocomposant

- 2011 Kontron Product Guide Driving the world's embedded computing platforms - "if it's embedded, it's Kontron."

- Displays & Embedded Boards Rutronik Europe

- Printer Products Guide : Kiosk printers , Printer machanisms, POS printers Equipements Scientifiques S.A. ; Département Modules & Systèmes Informatiques ... pour vous accompagner de l'étude à la production : Modules ( cartes mères industrielles, Dalles TFT-LCD, Computer on Module, Imprimantes OEM, Alimentation industrielles) - Systèmes informatiques (PC durcis, Panels PC, Network apliance, Moniteurs industriels Ecran panoramiques Modems 3G)

- NI New Products Volume 1 2011 : NI LabVIEW 2010 , NI FlexRIO Adapater Modules , NI TestStand 2010

- La plate-forme de conception graphique de systèmes NI LabVIEW

- Styrel technologies l'énergie du résultat : Formations LabVIEW

- Catalogue des formations 2011 - Styrel technologies

- Industrial Platform Service Solution Guide Portwell Together in the Electric Dream! Ver.211A Distribué par STYREL Technologies

- MDK-ARM Microcontroller Development Kit distribué par NeoMore

- UDE Linux Debugging Universal Debug Engine Support for Linux PLS Development Tools distribué par NeoMore

- HCC embedded Embedded Storage Solutions

- expresslogic Making things better at work, at home, at play : ThreadX, NetX, FileX, UsbX, PegX

- SEGGER embedded software solutions emFile ANSI "C" Source code Proprietary file system available No royalties : File System for embedded applications +++8 / 16/32-bit +++

- AAEON Computing Platform Service Partner Selection Guide 2011 Vol.1 ;
- AAEON's Series of products with Intel Atom Processors : Low Power Consumption, Small Form Factor, Fanless ;
- AAEON's Computer On Module Service (COMS)
> Reduce Business Investment
> Less Design Effort and Less Risk
> Time-to-market Solution within 30 Days

- La société ATIM est spécialiste dans l’étude et le développement de produits de radiocommunication. Notre objectif est de fournir à nos clients des solutions de communication sans fil. Pour cela nous proposons une large gamme de produits : modems radio, modems wi-fi, modules radio O.E.M, antennes et connectique...
- Excelyo A unique microplatform for ultra-low-power and long range applications
- Waveflow wireless Smart Meter Transceiver and Data Logger
- Wavesence Monitoring solutions for wireless sensor networks
- Wavetherm Wireless temperature sensor monitors - Real-time remote tracking of changes of temperature

- ATEMATION : Mini systèmes PC : plates-formes EPC, ASM ; Cartes: PC/104, EBX, EPIC; Computer on Module : ComExpress, ETX; Environnement durcis, sévères, applications militaires.

GenLoc OEM AOB :
- localisation GPS
- Communication GSM/GPRS
- Format Socket
- Outil de dévelopement EGM
- Stack TCP/IP

Forum rts2010 rts embedded systems

Catalogue rts EMBEDDED SYSTEMS 2010 liste exposants

Rutronik portfolio

Discrete components

Aanalog ICs

Digital ICs

Optoelectronic components

passive components : capacitor, resistors, inductors, ferrites & Piezoelectronic component;

electromechanical components : batteries, cables & cable assemblies, rectangular connectors, circular connectors, thermal management, fuses, relays, switches;

Displays & PC Components:
- displays & embedded boards: digital TFT panels, Smart Panels incl. Controller, SKD-Kits incl. Controller, cabel, power supply, special TFT Applications, Passive LC-Displays, Graphic Controller, Interface Controller, embedded Computers, Industrial Motherboards, Touch-Screen Panels and controller, display Accessories, further available technologies
-PC components :
* Flash Memory : compact flash, USB Flash Module, USB Memory Stick, Card Reader, SD, SATA Flash Module, Flash Module 40/44 (Swissbit, Transcend, Apacer)
* Solid State Disks : SSD 1.8", SSD 2.5" (Swissbit, Micron, Transcend, Apacer)
* Hard Disk Drives : 1.8", 2.5" ED 24/7, 3.5", 2.5", 2.5" Automotive, Extern USB
* Optical Drives: CD-ROM 3.5" SlimLine, DVD-ROM 3.5" SlimLine, Standard -R+R/RW, BluRay, DVD-ROM 3.5" Standard, Combo SlimLine, SlimLine -R+R/RW, BluRay SlimLine (Teac, Panasonic, Sony)
* floppy Drives : 3.5" Standard, USB extern / intern, 3.5" SlimLine (Teac)
* Industrial Motherboard : ATX, Mini ITX, Micro ATX (Fujitsu)
* Industrial Powersupply ( Elektronik)

Wireless Technologies:
* Bluetooth : Modules with complete Software Stack, Chip sets, Modules with HCI Software Stack (Free2move, fujitsu, infineon, NORDIC Semiconductor)
* GSM / GPRS / UMTS : Modules, Terminals, With integrated GPS, Telematic Devices, Telemetry Devices (Fasttrax,Free2move, TELIC, Telit, Vincotech
* GPS : Modules, Receiver chips, Patch Modules (with Antenna) AVX, Fastrax, Fujitsu, Teli, Vincotech)
* ISM : Transceiver Modules, Transceiver Chips, Transmitter Chips, Network Solutions, Gateway Solutions, USB Sticks : Infineon, Microchip, Nordic Semiconductor, RF Digital, Telit wireless solutions, ZmDI
* RFID : Active, Passive Transponder Chips, Passive Transponder Devices, Passive Reader Modules, Passive Transponder Inlays (Free2Move, KSW microtec, IdTronic, muRata, ST, ZmDI
* ZigBee : Chip Sets, Software Stack, Modules (Microchip, ST, Telit Wireless solutions, ZmDI)
* WLAN : Modules 802.11 a/b/g/n, Software Stack (Fujitsu, Microchip, RF Digital, Silex Technology)

Rutronik Displays & Embedded Boards

Yaeld Tailor-made Linux for your embedded project A : Non linux expert will create an optimized linux filesystem for their project in a few clicks. Developers can focus their efforts on the traget application. Yaeld let you have the sureness to fully exploit all the capacities of your hardware.

Enfora : simply add location to your enabler application ENABLER L GPS

Embedded Board VIA embedded

Embedded fanless system 2010 Lex System applications /surveillance, /POS, /Networking, /Multimedia

Sphinx votre spécialiste en connectivité Communication M2M (Serveurs de ports série sur ethernet, serveurs de ports USB sur ethernet (VMWare(r)), cartes de communication : ISA, PCI, PCI-Express, modem routeur GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, solutions Modules embarqués OEM : Wifi, Ethernet, Série, I/O, connectivité wireless : wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Radio 433, 868, 2.4GHz, KVM, Console Management & Green IT (Switchs KVM sur IP autonomes ou consolidés, Console Server pour serveurs, routeurs, switchs, firewall et autres équipements réseaux, KVM analogiques 2 à 32 ports, prolongateur écran, distribution d'alimentation intelligente (PDU)), Ethernet industriel (switchs industriels (ethernet /fibre optique), unmanageable - Manageable - redondants, convertisseur de média, serveurs d'acquisition I/O), Audio / Vidéo - Affichage Dynamique (diffusion sonore sur IP, interphonie IP, Serveurs Video sur IP, Affichage dynamique - Digital signage)

Phytec L’ingénierie à votre service : catalogue 2010 concepteur et fabricant de modules à microcontrôleur

Unigate IC the result must agree - bus-technology made by Deutschmann! Unigate IC integrates the Fieldbus into your device without much development effort involved! All-in-one single bus nodes for : CANopen, EtherNetIP, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, Ethernet TCP/IP, InterBus, LONWorks, Modbus TCP, MPI, Ethernet POWERLINK, PROFI BUS, PROFI NET Deutschmann Automation

Neomore Outils pour l'Embarqué et le Temps Réel Micriµm, Keil Tools by ARM, ellisys, abatron, Wind River; cartes et systèmes industriels

Constructeurs de Machines /OEMs routeurs industriels de connectivité et d'accès distant

Keil Cx51 8051/251 Development Tools Cx51 Compiler, LX51 Extended Linker, RTX51 Tiny2 Real-Time Kernel, µVision Debugger, Benefits of µVision Simulation, PK-51 Professional Developer's Kit: (integrated Device Database); The Keil ULINK2 USB-JTAG Adapter connects to a wide range of evaluation boards

Lattice XP2 , MachXO , ECP2/M Family :
Lattice XP2:
Low-cost 3rd generation non-volatile fpga flexiFLASH: Instant-On, Secure, Single-Chip FPGA :Architecture Overview, flexiFLASH Overview, Live Update, ispLEVER Design tools, ispLeverCORE intellectual Property, LatticeXP2 development Boards. device selection guide LFXP2-5, -8,-17,-30,-40
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation Lattice Package offering
Lattice development kit MachXO Mini development Kit : Easy-to-Use Low-Cost Platform for Designing With MachXO PLDs
Tachysséma Xe FPGA Module Family
MachXO Family optimized for low density Applications : Free ispLEVER Starter Development Tools, Evaluation and Development Boards, Reference Design Portfolio, MachXO Mini Development kit: device selection guide : LCMXO256 , 640, 1200, 2280

Lattice ECP2/M Family


Picocom boards

F & S Elektronik / GSR Technology le "sur mesure" industriel : LCD Customs, LCD Standard, Rétro-éclairage, Dalles Tactiles, Claviers à membranes, Oleds, Matrice TFT, Cartes d'interfaces permettant de piloter votre matrice TFT à partir de différentes sources vidéo existantes, single board Computer, Solutions Customs, Moniteurs TFT, LEDs, Alimentations, câble et connectique


Forum 4S 2009

- l'annuaire de la distribution électronique (SPDEI) édition 2008-2009

- Inventec performance chemicals (produits chimiques pour l'assemblage/nettoyage de cartes

- CIMEE ELETTRONICA (italie) fabricant de clavier souples de façade ; et aussi illuminateur à leds

- JABIL (région Centre, Loiret (45) : conception, fabrication et distribution de produits électronique)

- Seprolec (78100 saint Germain en Laye : sous-traitant avec machines de brasage (refusion, vague))

- groupe eurocir (circuits imprimés)

- Panasonic : résistances, potentiomètre trimmer, composants pour la suppression du bruit, inductances CMS) ; Catalogue relais.

- OCETA (spécialiste de la connectique

- EPCOS ( ferrites et accessoires) et (composants électroniques, modules et systèmes)

- PHOENIX CONTACT (miniaturisation: des blocs de jonction pour C.I. de plus en plus petit); composants cms; miniconnec compact

- MICROCHIP : 8-bit, 16-bit, SRAM, ( XLP : nouvelle technologie pour la meilleure gestion de la consommation appliqué à un certain nombres de microcontrôleurs; pour recevoir cd et documentation; ; ; environnement de développment intégré (tools) )

- radiospares

- espace radio (motorola)
Motorola (gamme commerciale de radios mobiles)

- Quality Source (alimentations professionelles : la puissance à votre mesure; alimentations 400 Hz (aéronautique)

-Schroff Alimentations; Racks simple et double europe;

- L'usine nouvelle

- micro pc beg bürkle The industrial PC (distributeur INTERMAS France)

- SOFIMAE (groupe Chromatex): Métrologie et maintenance

- ICAPE intermédiaire pour fabrications de circuits imprimés en Chine

- Electronique bobinage Application

-Yelloz components (distributeur de composants : réseau National)

- Comepa Industries
La solution à vos applications : interrupteurs, poussoirs lumineux, roues codeuses (NKK Switches) OLed Smartdisplay™ ; plexiglas pour afficheur LED, LCD ou VFD (PSC Display Window Solutions); Thermostats pour applications militaires, spatiales, industrielles, aéronautique ou médicales

- Texas Instruments Embedded Processing Guide

- Unleash the Power of XJTAG

- CIF nouveautés

- CEL : distributeur (Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux)

- CRC produits industriels

- Crossway technologies : câblage spécifique

- PROREP : imprimantes thermiques (CUSTOM, Fujitsu) ; afficheurs Noritake itron (

- IPB Sourcing

- Menphis : circuits mémoires

- Multicore, Loctite : tresse à dessouder; flux de soudure Henkel

- element-14 (farnell)

- TH industries : thermomètres, horloges

- OMRON switches

- Loranger : supports pour boîtiers cms (distr. Microworld)

- Ansoft (logiciel de simulation RF & Microwave)

Forum rts2015 rts embedded systems

- GainSpan Wi-Fi Chips, Modules & Solutions - ATD Electronique - Ultra-low Power Performance Wireless connectivity solutions End-to-end solutions for fast time to market GS2011M - ;

- Inventek Systems - Wireless IoT Modules , GPS Modules, GPS Antennas, Wi-Fi Antennas

- IHM FRANCE - Interfaces Homme-Machine Clavier membrane - Face avant - Etiquette - Lampe EL - Industrie - Médical - Automobile - Aéronautique - Nautisme - Contrôle d'accès - Balnéothérapie -

- NeoMore - Les Experts de l'Embarqué et du Temps-Réel - Cartes, PC et Systèmes industriels; Test et Mesure

- LCD Mikroelektronik - Développement, conception, fabrication : Displays sur mesure

- Yes Optoelectronics - Custom LCD Panel, Custom LCD Module, VA Product, 3D Display, Low Power Consumption Product, Field Sequential Display, Mono-TFT, 8-Color TFT, Smart TFT, CTP, Backlight -

- Rutronik - Commited to excellence - Semiconductors, Passive Components, Electromechanical Components, Displays & Boards, Storage Technologies, Wireless Technologies -

- Rutronik - Embedded Technologies - Combine Technologies - Realize Smart Designs - Boards, Storage, Displays, Wireless, Peripherals -

- citc contactless technologies EuraRFID -

- Electroniques - Supplément d'Electroniques RTS Embedded Systems - Machine to Machine & Objets Connectés - Microwave & RF

- PEI Produits Equipements Industriels Avril 2015 - Volume 27 -

- Advantech MI/O Extension Total Solutions - Configurable, Fanless, Fully Certified -

- Eurocomposant - Semiconducteurs & Capteurs, Eclairage à LED, Systèmes embarqués, Solutions d'affichage, connectivité m2m -

- Beta LAYOUT create : electronics - PCB-POOL -

- RIoTboard Revolutionizing the Internet of Things - RIoTboard / Accessories - - element14 ; Farnell Element14 Savoir- Faire Technologies ; Exploring the Internet of Things element14 TECH Journal

- Laser Technologie France : Pochoirs inox, Fao, Scan, Phototraçage, Cadres de vague -

- Pistes et Pastilles Electronique Mag n°102 - Janvier 2015 : Dossier la fabrication des circuits imprimés en France

- ublox Product Catalog 16 - Wireless & Positioning Solutions 2015 - VIADesign

- Radioamateur un loisir scientifique ouvert à tous - REF-Union - Réseau des Emetteurs Français - Union française des radioamateurs

- Styrel technologies Module Platform Solution Guide - intégrateur de solutions Portwell - Ver.214M

- Agilack - Les technologies "anciennes" ne sont pas toujours un gage de fiabilité, avoir de la maitrise sur vos outils de production, si. - Bureau d'étude électronique et informatique embarquée -

- Dunastack - La Pile de Protocoles pour réseaux embarqués -

- ANSYS HFSS Realize Your Product Promise TM - ANSYS, Inc. -

- Cotelec - Composants & Technologies pour l'électronique -

- CATS France


technical data exchange program

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