MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Microprocessors Data Book 1984 contains the following data sheets :


Letter Symbols for the Dynamic Parameters


Quality Assurance and reliability testing

Precautions in handling MOS ICs

MELPS 85 Microprocessors
M5L8085AP/S 8-Bit parallel Microprocessor , machine instruction, Instruction code list

M5L8212P 8-bit input/Output port with 3-state output

M5L8216P / M5L8226P 4-Bit parallel bidirectional Bus Drivers

MELPS 86 Microprocessors
M5L8282P / M5L8283P octal latch

M5L8284AP Clock generator and driver for 8086 / 8088 / 8089 Processors

M5L8286P / M5L8287P octal bus transceiver

M5L8288S Bus Controller for 8086 / 8088 / 8089 Processors

M5L8289P Bus Arbiter for 8086 / 8088 / 8089 Processors


NMOS Peripheral Circuits
M5C6847P-1 Video Display Generator

M5L8155P 2048-bit Static Ram with I/O Ports and Timer

M5L8156P 2048-Bit Static RAM with I/O Ports and Timer

M5L8251AP-5 Programmable communication interface

M5L8253P-5 Programmable interval Timer

M5L8255AP-5 Programmable Peripheral Interface

M5L8257P-5 Programmable DMA Controller

M5L8259AP Programmable interrupt Controller

M5L8279P-5 Programmable Keyboard Display interface

M5W1791-02P Floppy disk Formatter / Controller

M5W1793-02P Floppy Disk Formatter / Controller


CMOS Peripheral Circuits

M58890P /P-1 8-bit 8-Channel A-D Converter

M5M82C37AP /P-4 /P-5 CMOS programmable DMA Controller

M5M82C51AP CMOS Programmable communication interfacey

M5M82C54P CMOS Programmable interval Timer

M5M82C55AP-5 CMOS Programmable peripheral interface

M5M82C59AP CMOS Programmable Interrupt Controller


Microprocessor Support Systems

16-bit CPU Software Development system PC9100

8086 In-Circuit Emulator PC9110

8086-2 In-Circuit Emulator PC9111

8088-2 In-Circuit Emulator PC9120


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