National Semiconductor Microcontroller databook 1987 contains the following data sheets:


Section 1 COP400 Family

ROM'd Devices

COP210C, COP211C Single chip CMOS Microcontrollers
COP224C / COP225C / COP226C / COP244C / COP245C Single-Chip 1k and 2 k Microcontrollers
COP410C / COP411C / COP310C / COP311C Single-Chip CMOS Microcontrollers
COP410L / COP411L / COP310L / COP311L Single-Chip N-Channel Microcontrollers
COP413L / COP313L Single-Chip Microcontrollers
COP413C / COP413CH / COP313C / COP313CH Single-Chip Microcontrollers
COP414L / COP314L / COP214L Single-Chip N-Channel Microcontrollers
COP417C / COP418C / COP317C / COP318C / COP217C / COP218C Single-Chip CMOS Microcontrollers
COP420 / COP421 / COP422 and COP320 / COP321 / COP322 Single-Chip N-Channel Microcontrollers
COP420L / COP421L / COP422L / COP320L / COP321L / COP322L Single-Chip N-Channel Microcontrollers
COP420H / COP421H / COP422H / COP320H / CP321H / COP322H / COP220H / COP221H / COP222H Single-Chip Microcontrollers
COP420P / COP444CP / COP444LP Piggyback EEPROM Microcontrollers
COP424C / COP425C / COP426C / COP324C / COP325C / COP326C and COP444C / COP445C / COP344C: COP345C Single-Chip 1k and 2k Microcontrollers
COP427C / COP428C / COP429C / COP327C / COP328C / COP329C / COP227C / COP228C / COP229C / COP447C / COP448C / COP449C / COP347C / COP348C / COP349C Single-Chip 1k and 2k CMOS Microcontrollers
COP440 / COP441 / COP442 / COP340 / COP341 / COP342 Single-Chip N-Channel Microcontrollers
COP444L / COP445L / COP344L / COP345L Single-Chip N-Channel Microcontrollers

ROMless Devices
COP401L ROMless N-Channel Microcontroller
COP401L-X3 / COP401L-R13 ROMless N-Channel Microcontroller
COP402 / COP 402M ROMless N-Channel Microcontrollers
COP404 ROMless N-Channel Microcontroller
COP404C ROMless CMOS Microcontrollers
COP404LSN-5 ROMless N-Channel Microcontrollers

COP800 Family
COP820C / COP821C / COP822C Single-Chip microCMOS Microcontroller
COP840C 2K Single-Chip 8-Bit Low Cost Microcontroller
COP8620C 1K Single chip 8-bit Low Cost microcontroller with E2PROM Data Memory
COP8640C 2K Single chip 8-bit Low Cost microcontroller with E2PROM Data Memory
COP8720C 1K Single chip 8-bit Low Cost microcontroller with E2PROM Program and Data Memory
COP8740C 2K Single chip 8-bit Low Cost microcontroller with E2PROM Program and Data Memory

COPS Peripherals
COP431 / COP432 / COP434 / COP438 / ADC0831 / ADC0832 /ADC0834 / ADC0838 8 Bit Serial I/O A/A Converters with multiplexer Options
COP452L / COP352L Frequency Generator and Counter
COP470/ COP370 V.F. Display Driver
COP472-3 Liquiid Crystal Display Controller
COP494 / NMC9306 256-Bit Serial Electrically Erasable Programmable Memory
COP495 / NMC9345 1024-Bit Serial Electrically Erasable Programmable Memory (5V Only)
COP498 /COP398 Low Power CMOS RAM and Timer (RAT) COP499 / COP399 Low Power CMOS Memory
DS8906 AM/FM Digital Phase-Locked Loop Synthesizer
DS8907 AM/FM Digital Phase-Locked Loop Synthesizer
DS8911 / DS8912 AM/FM/TV Sound Up-Conversion Frequency Sy,thesizers
MM5450 / MM5451 LED Display Drivers
MM5452 / MM5453 Liquid Crystal Display Drivers
MM5483 Liquid Crystal Display Driver
MM5484 16-Segment Led Display Driver
MM5486 LED Display Driver
MM58201 Multiplexed LCD Driver
MM58248 High Voltage Display Driver
MM58241 High Voltage Display Driver
MM58242 High Voltage Display Driver
MM58348 High Voltage Display Driver
MM58341 High Voltage Display Driver
AN-440 New CMOS Vacuum Fluorescent Drivers Enable Three Chip System to Provide Intelligent Control of Dot Matrix VF Display
NMC27C32B, 32,768-Bit (4095x8) UV Erasable CMOS PROM
NMC27C64 65,536 (9Kx8) UV Erasable CMOS PROM
NMC27C256 262,144 (32Kx8) UV Erasable CMOS PROM
NMC27C512 524,288-Bit (64kx8) UV Erasable CMOS PROM
NMC27C1024 1,048,576-Bit (64Kx16) UV Erasable CMOS PROM
DM54LS373 / DM74LS373; DM54LS374 / DM74LS374 TRI-STATE Octal D-Type Transparent Latches and Edge-Triggered Flip-Flops
MM54HC373 / MM74HC373 TRI-STATE Octal D-Type Transparent Latches and Edge-Triggered Flip-Flops
MM57409 Super Number Cruncher

COPS Applications
COP Brief 2 Easy Logarithms for COP400
COP Brief 4 L-Bus Considerations
COP Brief 5 Software and Opcode Differences in the COP444L Instruction Set
COP Brief 6 RAM Keep-Alive
COP420-QRX/N Preprogrammed Single-Chip Microcontroller for Musical Organ
COP Note 1 Analog to Digital Conversion Techniques with COPS Family Microcontrollers
COP Note 4 The COP444L Evaluation Device 444L-EVAL
COP Note 5 Oscillator Characteristics of COPS Microcontroller
COP Note 6 Triac Control Using the COP400 Microcontroller family
COP Note 7 Testing of COP Chips
AB-3 Current Consumption in NMOS COPS Controllers
AB-4 Further Information on Testing of COPS Microcontrollers
AB-6 COPS interrupts
AB-15 Protecting Data in the NMC9306 / COP494 and NMC93C46 / COP495 Serial EEPROMS
AB-28 COPS Peripheral Chips
AN-326 A Users Guide to COPS Oscillator Operations
AN-329 Implementing an 8-bit Buffer in COPS
AN-338 Designing with the NMC9306 / COP494 a Versatile Simple to Use E2PROM
AN-400 A Study of the Crystal Oscillator for CMOS-COPS
AN-401 Selecting Input/ Output Options on COPS Microcontrollers
AN-452 MICROWIRE Serial Interface
AN-453 COPS Based Automobile Instrument Cluster
AN-454 Automotive Multiplex Wiring
AN-455 The COPS Programming Manual


HPC Family
HPC Introduction
HPC16040 / HPC26040 /HPC36040 / HPC46040 / HPC16030 / HPC36030 / HPC36030 High Performance Microcontroller
HPC16083 / HPC26083 / HPC36083 / HPC46083 HPC16083 /HPC36083 : HPC46083 / HPC16073 / HPC36073 / HPC46073 High Performance Microcontrollers with Input Capture Registers
HPC16400 / HPC36400 / HPC46400 Telecom Microcontroller
HPC16740 / HPC36740 / HPC46740 / HPC16730 / HPC46730 High performance Microcontroller with Gate Array
HPC16900 Port Expansion an Recreation Logic


NS8050 Family

INS8048 / INS8049 / INS8048L / INS8049L INS8048I / INS8049I / INS8050U / INS8040U / NS87P50U / NS8050UL / NS8050U / NS87P50 Microcomputer Microprocessor Family
INS8243 Input/Output Expander
AB-17 Using E2PROMs with ROMless Single-Chip Microcontrollers
AN-345 Internal ROM Verification for 48-Series Microcontrollers
AN-358 NS8050U MICROWIRE/PLUS Interface

DISPLAY/ TERMINAL Management Processor
NS405 / NS32405 Series Display Management Processor (TMP)
AB-14 Throughput Considerations in NS405 System Planning
AB-16 NS405-Series TMP External Interrupt Processing
AN-354 TMP Row and Attribute Table Lookup Operation
AN-355 TMP-Dynamic RAM Interfacing
AN367 TMP External Character Generation
AN-369 NS405 TMP Logic Analyzer
AN-374 Building an Inexpensive but Powerful Color Terminal
AN-399 TMP Extended Program Memory

Microcontroller Development Tools
AN-456 Microcontroller Development Tools

Appendice / Physical dimensions
PCC Packaging
Technical Manuals
Physical Dimensions
Data Booshelf
Sales and Distribution Offices


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