SGS Technology and Service Power Linear Actuators 2nd Edition 1984 data book
contains the following datasheets:

Application Guide A designer's Guide to the L290 / L291 / L292 DC Motor Speed/Position Control system Speed Control of DC Motors with the L292 Switchmode Driver Applications of Monolythic Bridge drivers L293, L293E, L298 Switchmode Drivers for Solenoid driving An introduction to the L296 Power Switching Regulator Introduction to the L2978 Stepper Motor Controller A designer's guide to the L200 Voltage regulator Handling and mounting of plastic power packages Datasheets L149 L165 L200 L201 , L202 , L203 , L204 L272 L272M L290 L291 L292 L293 , L293E L293D L294 L295 L296 L297 , L297A L298 L387 L465 L465A L487 L601 , L602 , L603 , L604 L702 L2605 , L2685 , L2610 L3654 L4705 , L4785 , L4710 L4805 , L4885 , L4810 L5832 L7150 , L7152 L7180 , L7182 ULN2001A , ULN2002A , ULN2003A , ULN2004A ULN2064B / ULN2066B , ULN2068B / ULN2070B , ULN2074B / ULN2076B ULN2065B , ULN2067B , ULN2069B / ULN2071B , ULN2075B / ULN2077B ULN2801A / ULN2802A , ULN2803A / ULN2804A , ULN2805A

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