National Semiconductor PROM / EPROM Memory Databook 1978

Bipolar PROM cross reference Guide (PDF - 4 pages - 128Kb)

EPROM Cross reference Guide (See on page 4)

1. Bipolar PROMS

DM54S188 , DM74S188 open collector 256-bit PROM

DM54S287 / DM74S287 Trio-State 1024-bit PROM

DM54S473 / DM74S473 open-collector 4096-Bit PROM

DM54S570 / DM74S570 open-colector 2048-bit PROM

DM54S71 / DM54S571 Tri-State 2048-bit PROM

DM54S572 / DM54S572 open-collector 4096-bit PROM

DM54S573 / DM74S573 Tri-State 4096-bit PROM

DM54S574 / DM54S574 Tri-State 4096-bit PROM

DM54S475 / DM74S475 open-collector 4096-bit PROM

DM 54S474/ DM74S474 TRI-STATE 4096-bit PROM

National Semiconductor Bipolar PROM Programming Programmers : PROM programming Procedure


MM1702A 2048-bit electrically programmable ROM (not erasable)

MM2708, 8Kb UV Erasable PROM


MM4203 / MM5203 electrically programmable 2048-bit read only memory (pROM)

MM4204 / MM5204 electrically programmable 4096-bit read only Memory (EPROM)

MM5204-1 Electrically Programmable 4096-Bit Read Only Memory (EPROM)

technical guide :

* introduction to National Eproms

* the MM1702AQ, MM5203P, and MM5204Q

* application of National Eproms


3. Character Generator

DM8678 bipolar character Generator

App Notes / Briefs

DM8678 Bipolar Character Generator

PROM Power-Down Circuits

128 Characters with the DM8678


4. Reliability Reports

Titanium- Tungsten Schottky Bipolar Proms Preliminary Issue August 1977

MM1702A Electically reprogrammable ROM

Reliability Report (preliminary) MM2708 8K UV Erasable PROM

Reliability Report M-40 MM5203Q MOS 2048-Bit electrically programmable read only Memory in 24 Lead Quartz Lid Package




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