Intel Microcontroller Handbook (Order No 210918-003) 1985 includes the following data sheets:

MCS®-96 Family Introduction To MCS-96 Architectural Overview MCS®-96 Software Design Information MCS®-96 Harwdware Design Information MCS®-96 Data Sheets 8094/8095/8096/8097 8394/8395/8396/8397 16-bit Microcontrollers High Performance Event Interface for a Microcomputer AR-321 MCS®-51 Architecture MCS®-51 Instruction Set MCS®-51 Data Sheets MCS®-51 8-Bit Control-Oriented Microcomputers 8031 / 8051 , 8031AH , 8051AH , 8032AH 8052AH , 8751H / 8751H-12 Intel 8052AH-BASIC 80C51BH / 80C51BH-2 CHMOS Single Component 8-Bit Microcontroller with Factory Mask-Programmable ROM 80C31BH / 80C31BH-2 CHMOS Single Component 8-Bit COntrol-Oriented CPU with RAM and I/O 8031AH / 8051AH , 8032AH , 8052AH , 8751H EXPRESS MCS®-51 Application Notes An Introduction to the Intel MCS-51 Single Chip Microcomputer Family 8051 Based CRT Terminal Controller AP-223 Controller chip takes on many industrial, computer uses AR-224 The Single Component MCS®-48 System Expanded MCS-48 System MCS-48 Instruction Set MCS-48 Data Sheets MCS-48 Input/ Output Expander 8748H / 8032H / 8749H / 8039H HMOS-E Single-Component 8-Bit Microcontroller 80C49-7 / 80C39-7 CHMOS Single Component 8-Bit Microcomputer The RUPI-44 Family Microcontroller with On-Chip Communication Controller 8044 Architecture 8044 Serial Interface 8044AH / 8344AH High Performance 8-Bit Microcontroller with on-chip Serial Communication Controller 8744H High Performance 8-Bit Microcontroller with on-chip Serial Communication Controller Microcontroller with integrated high performance Communications interface AR-307 Design Considerations Designing Microcontroller Systems for Electrically Noisy Environments Oscillators for Microcontrollers AP-155 Design Considerations when using CHMOS Modular Approach to C-MOS Technology Tailors Process to Application AR-332

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