NEC Microprocessors and Peripherals Data Book (DBMP-IP...010V21)

Section 1 - General Information

CMOS Microprocessor Selection Guide
NMOS and HMOS Microprocessor Selection Guide
* magnetic media controllers
* communications controllers
* Graphic controllers
CMOS System Support Product Selection Guide
NMOS System Support Product Selection Guide
µPD70108 /116/208/216/320/330 Software development Tool Selection Guide
µPD70108 /116/208/216/320/330/616 Hardware development Tool Selection Guide
µPD70108 /116/208/216/320/616 Evaluation Boards Selection Guide
µPD70108 /116/208/216/616 Operating System Selection Guide
µPD70616/116/632 (V60/V70) Software Development tool selection Guide
Intelligent Peripherals Evaluation/ Demonstration Tool Selection Guide
Dataflow Processor (IMPP) Hardware/ Software Development Tool selection Guide

Section 2 - Quality & Reliability
Technology Description
Reliability Testing
Failure Rate Calculation and Prediction
Reliability Test Results
NEC's Goals on Failure Rates
Infant Mortality Failure Screening
Life Test
Built-in Quality and Reliability
Approaches to Total Quality Control
Summary and Conclusion

Section 3 - CMOS Microprocessors / Microcomputer 

µPD70008/A 8-Bit Microprocessors
µPD70108 8/16-Bit High performance Microprocessor (V20)
µPD70116 16-Bit High-performance Microprocessor (V30)
µPD70208 8/16-Bit high-integration Microprocessor (V40)
µPD70216 16-Bit High-integration Microprocessor (V50)
µPD70320/322 16-Bit Single-Chip Microcomputer (V25)
µPD70616 32-Bit Virtual Memory Microprocessor (V60)

Section 4 - NMOS Microprocessors
µPD780 High Performance CP/M® - Compatible 8-Bit Microprocessor
µPD8085A/AH 8-Bit, Single-Chip Microprocessors
µPD8086 16-Bit Microprocessor
µPD8088 High-Performance 8-Bit Microprocessor

Section 5 - Intelligent Peripheral Controllers
* Magnetic Media Controllers
µPD765A/7265 Single/Double Density Floppy Disk Controllers
µPB9201 Floppy-Disk Interface
µPD71065/66 Floppy-Disk Interface
µPD72067 Advanced Floppy Disk Controller
µPD72068 Single Chip Floppy Disk controller with digital data separator
µPD7260 Hard and Floppy Disk Controller
µPD7261A/B Hard-Disk controller
µPD9306/A CMOS Hard-Disk interface
µPD7262 Enhanced Small Device Interface Controller
* Communications Controllers
µPD7201A Multiprotocol Serial Communications Controller
µPD72001 CMOS Multiprotocol Serial Communications Controller
µPD72105 OMNINET Local Area Network Controller
µPD7210 Intelligent GPIB Controller
* Display/Graphics Controllers
µPD7220A High-Performance Graphics Display Controller
µPD72022 Intelligent Display Processor
µPD72120 Advanced Graphic Display Controller
µPD7225 LCD 7/14 Segment Controller Driver
µPD7227 LCD 8x40 Dot Matrix Controller/Driver
µPD7228/A LCD 8x50 / 16x42 Dot Matrix Controller/Driver
µPD72030 LCD 640x256 Dot Panel Controller
µPD6307 LCD Row Driver for µPD72030
µPD6308 LCD Column Driver for µPD72030

*Image Processing
µPD7281 Data-flow based Image Pipelined Processor
µPD9305 Support Chip for µPD7281

Section 6 - CMOS System Support Products
µPD71011 Clock pulse Generator/Driver
µPD71051 Serial Control Unit
µPD71054 Programmable Timer/Counter
µPD71055 Parallel Interface Unit
µPD71059 Interrupt Control Unit
µPD71071 DMA Control Unit
µPD71082/83 8-Bit Latches
µPD71084 Clock Pulse Generator/Driver
µPD71086/µPD71087 8-Bit Bus Buffer/Drivers
µPD71088 System Bus Controller
µPD71611 Clock Pulse Generator/Driver for V60
µPD71613 System Bus Controller for V60
µPD82C43 CMOS Input/Output Expander for µPD8048/C48 Family

Section 7 - NMOS System Support Products
µPD8155 /56 2048-Bit Static MOS RAM with I/O Ports and Timer
µPB8216 / µPB8226 4-Bit Parallel Bidirectional Bus Drivers
µPD8237A High-Performance Programmable DMA Controller
µPD8243/H Input/Output Expander for µPD8048 Family
µPD8251A/AF Programmable Communications Interface (USART)
µPD8255A Programmable Peripheral Interface
µPD8257 Programmable DMA Controller
µPD8259A Programmable Interrupt Controller
µPD8279 Programmable Keyboard/Display interface

Bipolar System Support Products
µPB8282 / µPB8283 8-bit Latches
µPB8284A Clock Generator and Driver for 8086/8088 Microprocessors
µPB8286 / µPB8287 8-Bit Bus Transceiver
µPB8288 CPU System Bus Controller
µPB8289 Bus Arbiter

Section 8 - Development Tools V-Series Microprocessors
RA70116 Relocatable Assembler for V20/V30/V40/V50
RA70320 Relocatable Assembler for V25/V35
CC70116 C-Compiler for V20/V30/V40/V50/V25 and V35
RC70116 Relocatable Object Format (ROF) Converter
NECTOMS Converter to change relocatable object code from NEC format into Microsoft (MS) format
MSTONEC Converter to change relocatable object code from Microsoft (MS) format into NEC format
PKG70616 Software Generation tool package for V60/V70
IE-700K Stand alone In-Circuit Emulator for V-Series
Mini-IE Mini emulator for V40/V50 and V25
EBIBM-70108/70116 Design-/Evaluation board for V20 and V30
EBIBM-70208/70216 Design-/Evaluation board for V40 and V50
EBIBM-7061UNX V60 coprocessor slave board with UNIX for PC-XT/AT
EBIBM-70616SBC V60 single board computer for Multibus1

* Intelligent Peripheral and Dataflow Processors
EBIBM-72001 IBM-XT/AT board for µPD72001

Section 9 - Sentry Test Tape Overview

Sentry Test Tape

Section 10 - Packaging Information

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