National Semiconductor Memory Databook 1992 

contains the following data sheets:
CMOS EPROM NMC27C16B NMC27C32B NMC27C64 NM27C128 NM27C256 NM27C512 NM27C010 NM27C040 NM27P512 NM27P210 NM27P040 NM87C257 NM27LC256 NM27LC512 NM27LV010 NM27LV210 CMOS EEPROMs I2C CMOS EEPROM Selection Guide Microwire CMOS EEPROM Selection Guide NM24C02 / C04 / C08 / C16 NM24C03 / C05 / C09 / C17 NM24C02L / C04L NM24C03L / C05L NM59C11 NM93C06 / C46 /C56 / C66 NM93C06L , C46L, C56L , C66L with extended Voltage NM93C46A NM93C46AL NM95C12 PROMs DM74S188 DM74S288 DM74S387 DM74LS471 DM74LS473 DM74S571 DM74S572 DM74S573 Bipolar PROM Devices in PLCC Package Application Notes Protecting Data in Serial EEPROMs AB-15 Designing with the NM93C06 A versatile Simple to use E2PROM AN-338 Using the NM93CSxx Family AN-507 Using National's NMC87C257 256K EPROM with On-Chip Latches AN-731 NM95C12 Flexibility in Industrial Control Applications AN-755 Using the NM95C12 to Solve Common manufacturing Problems AN-756 Using National's MICROWIRE EEPROM AN-758 Using the NM95C12 CMOS EEPROM with Programmable Switches for Analog Applications AN-765 Using the NM95C12 in a STand Alone Metering Device AN-766 NM95C12 Memory Mapping Solution for PC Applications AN-767 Integrated Manufacturing Control - NM95C12 AN-789 NM95C12 EEPROM Controls Amplifier Gain AN-790 Stand Alone Control of MICROWIRE Peripherals Using the NMC87C257 AN-791 NM95C12 Applications in a PC-AT Ethernet Adapter AN-792 Using an EEPROM I2C interface NM24C02 /03 / 04 / 05 / 08 /09 /16 /17 AN-794 EPROM and EEPROM Reliability Information Package Dimensions

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