MOTOROLA PowerPC™ 603 RISC Microprocessor User's Manual IBM Microelectronics 
   PowerPC Motorola 
  MPC603UM/AD MPR603UMU-01 © Motorola Inc. 1994

About This Book

chapter 1 Overview
chapter 2 Register Set
Chapter 3 Operand Conventions
Chapter 4 Addressing Modes and Instruction Set Summary
Chapter 5 Instruction and Data Cache Operation
Chapter 6 Exceptions
Chapter 7 Memory Management
Chapter 8 Instruction Timing
Chapter 9 Signal Descriptions
Chapter 10 System Interface Operation
Chapter 11 Instruction Set
Appendix A Instruction Set Listings
Appendix B Power Management
Appendix C Instructions Not Implemented
Appendix D Multiple-Precision Shifts
Appendix E Floating-Point Examples
Appendix F Synchronization Programming Examples
Appendix G Simplified Mnemonics
Appendix H IEEE 1149.1 Interface Boundary-Scan Chain
Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

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