OKI Microprocessor Data Book 1987 (Third Edition - Issue date: MAR,1988)

includes the following data sheets:

REF. NO: MPU02-3A24-58 © OKI Electric Europe GmbH

 1 CMOS Microprocessor line-up

2 System Configuration (Personal Computer/Word Processor)

3 Packaging

4 Reliability Information

5 Data Sheets

- CPUs
MSM80C85A 8-bit Microprocessor
MSM80C85A-2 8-bit Microprocessor
MSM80C86A 16-bit Microprocessor
MSM80C86A-2 16-bit Microprocessor
MSM80C88A 8-bit Microprocessor

- I/O
MSM81C55 2048 bit SRAM with I/O, Timer
MSM81C55-5 2048 bit SRAM with I/O, Timer
MSM82C12 8-bit Input/output port
MSM82C37A-5 Programmable DMA Controller
MSM82C43 Input/Output port expander
MSM82C51A Programmable communications interface
MSM82C51A-2 Programmable communications interface
MSM82C53-5 Programmable Interval Timer
MSM82C53-2 Programmable Interval Timer
MSM82C54-2 Programmable Interval Timer
MSM82C55A-5 Programmable Peripheral Interface
MSM82C55A-2 Programmable Peripheral Interface
MSM82C59A-2 Programmable Interrupt Controller
MSM82C84A Clock Generator and Driver
MSM82C84A-5 Clock Generator and Driver
MSM82C84A-2 Clock Generator and Driver
MSM82C88 Bus Controller
MSM82C88-2 Bus Controller
MSM83C55 16384 Bit ROM with I/O

- Peripherals
MSM5832 Real Time Clock/Calendar
MSM58321 Real Time Clock/Calendar
MSM6242 Real Time Clock/Calendar (Bus Interface)


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