National Semiconductor Mass Storage 1989 Handbook contain the following data sheets & application notes
Rigid Disk Pulse Detectors DP8464B Disk Pulse Detector DP8468B Disk Pulse Detector + Emedded Servo Detector Rigid Disk Data Separators/Synchronizers and ENDECs DP8461/65 Data Séparator , DP8451/55 Data Synchronizer DP8459 All-Code Data Synchronizer DP8462 2,7 Code Data Synchronizer DP8463B (2,7) ENDEC DP8469 Synchronizer /2,7 Endec
AN-414 Precautions for Disk Data Separator (PLL) Designs - How to avoid typical Problems AN-415 Designing with the DP8461 AN-494 Designing with the DP8462 AN-416 Designing with the DP8465 AN-578 DP8459 Windows Strobe Function AN-599 DP8459 Zoned Bit Recording AN-502 DP8459 Evaluation Board Rigid Disk Data Controller DP8466A Disk Data Controller Designing an ESDI (Enhanced Small Device Interface) Disk Controller Sybsystem with National's DP8466A (Disk Data Controller) AN-501 Interfacing National's DP8466A to the SMD Storage Module Device Interface Standard (Hard Sectored Drive) SCSI Bus Interface circuit The DP8490 and DP5380 Comparison Guide DP8490 Enhanced SCSI Interface (EASI) DP5380 Asynchronous SCSI Interface (ASI) AN-575 Realize the Speed of Asynchronous SCSI DP8490 E.A.S.I. Does It! AN-563 A SCSI Printer Controller Using Either the DP8490 EASI Or DP5380 ASI and Users Guide Floppy Disk Controller DP8473 Floppy DIsk Controller PLUS-2
See AN-505 Floppy Disk Data Separator Design Guide for the DP8473 AN-631 Design Guide for DP8473 in a PC-AT Disk Drive Interface Circuits DS8921/21A
DS8922/22A DS8923/23A TRI-STATE RS422 Dual Differential Line Driver and Receiver Pairs DS26C31C CMOS Quad TRI-STATE Differntial Line Driver DS26C32AC Quad Line Receiver DS34C86 Quad CMOS Differential Line Receiver Rigid Disk Preamplifiers and Servo Control Circuits DP117-X / DP117-XR / µA117-X/ µA117-XR Series Winchester Disk Read/ Write Preamplifiers DP501X/DP501XR/ µA501X/µA501XR Series 6 or 8 Channel Read/Write Circuit Rigid Disk Preamplifiers and Servo Control Circuits DP24H80 / µA24H80 Winchester Disk Servo Preamplifier DP2580 / µA2580 Winchester Disk Servo Preamplifiers DP2460 / DP2461 / µA2460 / µA2461 Servo Control Chips 2470A Servo Demodulator Disk Drive Microcontroller Circuits Disk Drive Microcontroller introduction The 16-Bit HPC Family Optimized for Mass storage System Performance HPC16083 /HPC26083 / HPC36083 / HPC46083 High performance microcontrollers Disk interface Design Guide
AN-413 Disk Interface Design Guide and User's Manual Disk Drive Technology - Overview DP8464B Hard Disk Pulse Detector Disk Sata Seprator overview DP8466 Disk Data Controller Overview System and disk interfacing with DDC

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