Sprague Integrated Circuits data book WR-500 © 1978

Sprague Integrated circuits (PDF - 6 pages - 491Kb) includes General information , Index of all devices, How to place an order , Interchangeability Guide.


Power / Peripheral drivers duals and quads to 120V or 600mA
UHC-400 thru 433-1
UHD-400 thru 433-1
UHP-400 thru 433-1
UHC-500 thru 533
UHD-500 thru 533
UHP-500 thru 533
UDN-3611 thru 3614M
UDN-5711 thru 5714M
UDN-5790 and UDN-5791H High voltage display drivers -120V to +130V, 5 to 8 drivers UHP-480 and UHP-481 UHP-482
UHD-490 and UHD-491 UHP-490 and UHP-491
UDN-6116A UDN-6126A UDN-6128A UDN-6144 and UDN-6164A UDN-6184A UDN-7180 thru 7186A High current darlington and transistor arrays to 1.5A ULN-2001 thru 2025A
ULN-2001 thru 2025R ULS-2001 thru 2025H
ULN-2031 thru 2033A ULS-2045H ULN-2046A ULN-2046A-1 ULN-2047A ULN-2054A ULN-2061 and ULN-2062M ULN-2064 thru 2077B ULN-2081 and ULN-2082A ULN-2083A
ULN-2083A-1 ULS-2083H ULN-2086A TPQ-2221 thru 2484
UDN-2580A ULN-2801 thru 2825A ULN-2801 thru 2825R UDN-2841 thru 2846B TPQ-2906 and TPQ-2907 UDN-2956 and UDN-2957A
UDN-2981 thru 2984A UDN-2981 thru 2984R TPQ-3724 thru 6700 MOS and BIMOS circuits UCN-4102A UCN-4103A and 4103M
UCN-4104A and 4104M UCN-4105A UCN-4111A
UCN-4112A and UDN-4112M
UCN-4113A and UDN-4113M UCN-4114A and UDN-4114M UCN-4116M UCN-4401A
UCN-4801A Special circuits - custom packaging ULN-2139D and ULN-2139M
ULS-2139D and ULS-2139M ULN-2140A
ULN-2140H ULS-2140A ULS-2140H ULN-2151D and ULS-2151M ULS-2151D and ULS-2151M ULN-2171D and ULN-2171M ULS-2171D and ULS-2171M ULN-2300M ULN-2301M ULN-4136 thru 4436A Custom Packages Application information, package drawings, thermal characteristics Expanding the Frontiers of IC Interface for Electronic Displays Electrical Characteristics for Series UKN-2000A Darlington Arrays DTL Peripheral /Power drivers - 'A Giant Step Backward' Completely Monolithic IC Series for Gas Discharge display interface Augmenting the µP LSI Revolution with new power interface for peripheral loads Series ULN-2000A Darlington Transistor Arrays - Description and Application Computing IC Temperature Rise Sprague Package Drawings Package Thermal Characteristics


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