Atmel Microcontroller Data Book AT89 Series Flash MCUs December 1997 includes the following data sheets:

Explanation of Atmel's Part Number Code General Architecture Flash Microcontroller Architectural Overview Flash Microcontroller Memory Organization AT89 Series Hardware Description Instruction Set Factory-Programmable Microcontroller Datasheets AT80F51 8-Bit Microcontroller with 4K Bytes QuickFlash Memory AT80F52 8-Bit Microcontroller with 4K Bytes QuickFlash Memory User-Programmable Microcontroller Datasheets AT89C1051 AT89C2051 AT89C4051 AT89C51 AT89LV51 AT89C52 AT89LV52 AT89S8252 AT89LS8252 AT89C55 AT89LV55 AT89S53 AT89LS53 AT89S4D12 Microcontroller Application Notes Using a personal Computer to program the AT89C51 / C52 / LV51 / LV52 / C1051 / C2051 AT89C51 In-Circuit Programming Controlling FPGA Configuration with a Flash-Based Microcontroller Programming Atmel's Family of Flash Memories Analog to Digital Conversion Utilizing the AT89X51 Microcontrollers Interfacing AT24CXX Serial EEPROMs with AT89CX051 Microcontrollers Interfacing AT25XXX Serial EEPROMs with AT89CX051 Microcontrollers Using the AT89C2051 Microcontroller as a Virtual Machine A Digital Thermometer Using the AT89C2051 Microcontroller Expanding the AT89C2051 Microcontroller AT89S8252 In-System Programming Designing Boards with Atmel AT89C51 , AT89C52 , AT89C1051 , and AT89C2051 for writing Flash at In-Circuit Test Providing an Ideal External Program Memory Solution for the ATMEL 89XXX Microcontrollers AT27C520 Application Note Microcontroller Programmer Support Microcontroller Two-Way Adapter Board ATABX051 Package Outlines

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