Rockwell International Semiconductor Products Division MODEM Products Data Book February 1987

1. 1200, 2400 bps Data Modems

Product Family Overview
R212DP Device Set Bell 212A Compatible
R212AT Device Set "AT" Command Set Bell 212A Compatible
R1212 1200 bps Full-Duplex Modem
R2424 2400 bps Data Pump Modem
R201/26DP 2400/1200 bps Data Pump Modem
RC1212 V.22 1200 bps Modem
RC2424 V.22 bis 2400 bps Modem
RDAA Rockwell Data Access Arangement Module

2. 4800, 9600, 14400 bps Data Modems
Product Family Overview
R208/201 4800 bps Modem
R48DP/208 4800 bps Data Pump Modem
R96DP 9600 bps Data Pump Modem
R96FT 9600 bps Fast Train Modem
R96FT/SC 9600 bps Fast Train Modem with Forward Secondary Channel
R144DP V.33 Ultra High Speed Modem
R9696DP V.32 Ultra High Speed Modem
R1496MM V.33 V.32 Ultra High Speed Modem

3. Imaging Modems
Imaging Modems
Product Family Overview
R24MFX 2400 bps MONOFAX Modem
R24BKJ 2400 bps V.26 bis Modem
R48MFX 4800 bps PC Communication Modem
R24/48MEB Modem Evaluation Board
R96PCJ 9600 bps PC Communication Modem
R96F 9600 bps PC Communication Modem
R96MD 9600 bps Facsimile Modem
R144HD 14400 bps Half-Duplex Modem
R96MFX 9600 bps MONOFAX Modem

4. Custom and Private Label Modems
Product Line Overview
RG224EC 2400 bps Private Label Modem
RG208 4800 bps Private Label Modem
RGV29FT 9600 bps Private Label Modem

5. Application Notes
An R6500/11- R2424 Intelligent Modem Design
Interfacing Rockwell Signal Processor-Based Modems to an Apple //e Computer
2400 / 1200 / 300 bps International Modem Design
Quality of Received Data for Signal Processor-Based Modems
R2424 and R1212 Modems Auto Dial and Tone Detection
8088 Microprocessor to R1212 / R2424 Modem Interface
High Speed Modems Filter Characteristics
R96F Modem Tone Detector Filter Tuning
R96F Modem Recommended Receive Sequence for Group 2 Facsimile
DTMF Dialing for R24MFX, R48MFX, R24BKJ or R48BKJ

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