HARRIS Digital Product data book contains the following data sheets:

HM-6508 1024x1 CMOS static RAM
HM-6518 1024x1 CMOS Static RAM
HM-6551 256x4 CMOS static RAM
HM-6561 256x4 CMOS Static RAM
HM-6504 4096x1 CMOS Static RAM
HM-6514 1024x4 CMOS RAM
HM-6516 2kx8 CMOS RAM
HM-65162 2048x8 Asynchronous CMOS Statoc RAM
HM-65262 16Kx1 Asynchronous CMOS Static RAM
HM-65642 8Kx8 Asynchronous CMOS Static RAM
HM-6564 8kx8 , 16Kx4 CMOS RAM
HM-8808 / HM8808A 8kx8 Asynchronous CMOS Static RAM Module
HM-8816H 16Kx8 High Speed Asynchronous CMOS Static RAM Module
HM-8832 32Kx8 Asynchronous CMOS Static RAM Module
HM-92560 256K Synchronous CMOS RAM Module
HM-92570 256K Buffered Synchronous CMOS RAM Module
HM-91M2 1 Mbit Asynchronous CMOS Static RAM Module
HM-6642 512x8 CMOS PROM
HM-6617 2Kx8 CMOS PROM
80C256 High Performance Microprocessor With Memory Management and Protection
80C86 CMOS 16 Bit Microprocessor
80C88 CMOS 8 / 16-Bit Microprocessor
82C37A CMOS High Performance Programmable DMA Controller
82C50A CMOS Asynchronous Communications Element
82C52 CMOS Serial Controller Interface
82C54 CMOS Programmable Interval Timer
82C55A CMOS Programmable Peripheral Interface
82C59A CMOS Priority Interrupt Controller
82C82 CMOS Octal Latching Bus Driver
82C83H CMOS Octal Latching Inverting Bus Driver
82C84A CMOS Clock Generator
82C85 CMOS Static Clock Controller / Generator
82C86H / 72C87H Bus Transceivers
82C89 CMOS Bus Arbitrer
82C49A Priority Controller APP Note No.109 by J.A. Goss

CMOS Data Communications
HD-4702 CMOS Programmable Bit Rate Generator
HD-6402 CMOS Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART)
HD-6406 CMOS Programmable Asynchronous Communication Interface
HD-6408 CMOS Asynchronous Serial Manchester Adapter (ASMA)
HD-6409 CMOS Manchester Encoder-Decoder (MED)
HD-15530 CMOS Manchester Encoder-Decoder
HD-15531 CMOS Manchester Encoder-Decoder

HSC250 CMOS Cell Library
CMOS Harris Programmable Logic
HPL-16LC8 CMOS HPL Harris Programmable Logic
HPL-16RC8 , HPL-16RC6 , HPL-16RC4 CMOS HPL Harris Programmable Logic
HPL-82C339 Programmable Chip Select Decoder PCSD
HPL-82C338 Programmable Chip Select Decoder PCSD
HPL-82C139 Programmable Chip Select Decoder PCSD
HPL-82C138 Programmable Chip Select Decoder PCSD

64XX Bus Interface Circuits
HD-6431 CMOS Hex Latching Bus Driver
HD-6432 CMOS Hex Bi-Directionnal Bus Driver
HD-6433 CMOS Quad Bus Separator/ Driver
HD-6434 CMOS Octal Resettable Latched Bus Driver
HD-6436 CMOS Octal Bus Buffer / Driver
HD-6440 CMOS Latched 3 to 8 Line Decoder-Driver
HD-6495 CMOS Hex Bus Driver

Article Reprints
8- and 16-bit processors round out high level CMOS architecture options by Walter J. Niewuerski Reprinted from Electronics Apr.1984
CMOS Static Clock exerts complete control 
Advanced Clock controller cuts power needs , size of static CMOS Systems
Saving Power in CMOS Systems Design
Microprocessor Family Turns to low-Power CMOS
High Density Leadless Chip Carrier Package Increase Reliability, Save weight
A Comparison of CMOS Static Random-Access-Memory Cells
FORTH Processor Core for Integrated 16-Bit Systems

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