National Semiconductor Memory Applications Handbook 1978 contains the following application notes:


Section 1 - Introduction

President's Message
Future Memory Technology Development by Thomas Klein

Static or Dynamic - The Selection Process for a Memory System


Section 2 - Dynamic Read/Write Memory
Dynamic RAM Board Design Made Easy

Control and Refresh of MADRAMs

MM5290 16K RAM Functional Description
Trouble Shooting Check List for Memory Systems Using the MM5290
MM5290 Bit Map and Address Decoding
MM5290 RAM Test Description
Trouble Shooting Check List for Memory Systems using the MM5280

Section 3 - Static Read/Write Memory
Static RAM Applications

Interfacing Static Read/Write Memories to the 8080

Interfacing the 6800 Microprocessor to National CMOS MM74C910 Memory

IDM2901A File Expansion Using the DM85S68


Section 4 - Read Only Memory
PROM Patches for the MAXI-ROM
ROM Emulator Using a Non-Volatile RAM
Custom RAM Programming
How to Design with Programmable Logic Arrays

Section 5 - PROMs and EPROMs
A Guide to Implementing Logic Functions Using PROMs
MOS Encoder Plus PROM Yields Quick Turnaround Keyboard Systems
PROM Power-Down Circuits
A PROM Power-Down Circuits
A PROM Programmer for the SC/MP LCDS
Bipolar PROM Programming Procedure
Programming Equipment for National PROMs


Section 6- CRT Display Appplications
Symplify CRT Terminal Design with the DP8350
DP8350 Series Programmable CRT Controllers
DM8678 Bipoloar Character Generator
128 Characters with the DM8678
DM8678 Character Generator Emulator

Section 7 - Charge Coupled Devices
The MM2464 : A Practical Charge Coupled Device for Digital Memory Applications

Section 8 - Memory Suppor Components
Memory Support Circuits
Improving Power Supply Reliability with IC Power Regulators
A Cheap and Easy DC-DC Converter
National's Voltage Regulator Guide

Section 9 - Microprocessor Guide
National's Full Spectrum of Microprocessors
National's Fast IDM2900 Bit-Slice Microprocessor Family
National's Spectrum of Microprocessors and Peripherals


Section 10 - Systems Applications
Systems Application of MM5270 4k Dynamic RAM
Systems Application of MM5290 16k Dynamic RAM
Systems Application of MM74C929 CMOS RAM


Section 11 - Reliability
National's Reliability Program


Section 12- Defintions and Standards
Definitions of Frequentmy-Used Acronyms
Excerpts form the Proposed IEEE Standard for Semiconductor Memory

Section 13 - National's Literature Index
Databooks Available from National

Section 14 - Memory Databook
Referral Index to National's Memory Databook


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