SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics MODEM Integrated Circuits Datasheets & Application Notes 2nd Edition (code DBMODEMST/2)
August 1995
contains the following data sheets

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product families
- analog front-end

ST7544 universal modem analog front-end (UMAFE)
ST7546 simplified analog front-end

- high speed modem
ST7548 PCMCIA and PC General purpose interface advanced data
ST75C502 V.32bis/V.17 high speed modem data pump
SATURN User's Manual V.32bis / V.17 modem with V.42Bis, FAX Class 1 & 2 and MNP

Application note : ST75C502 - Default tone detectors
Application note : Set-up , Handshake and communication monitoring in modem and fax mode with the ST75C502 by Laurent CLARAMOND
Application note : ST75C5XX : Low power mode by Laurent CLARAMOND
Application note : Computation of tone detector coefficients using TD Software for ST75C502

- fax modem
ST75C52 high speed fax modem data pump
ST75C520 high speed fax modem data pump preliminary data
ST75C52- ST75C520 User's Manual
Application Note: V.17 FAX equipment replacing the R144EFX with the ST75C52/520 by Laurent CLARAMOND and Joël HULOUX
Application Note: ST75C52 / ST75C520 - SINGLE ended and single power supply hybrid circuit

- low speed modem

TS7514 programmable V.23 modem with DTMF
TS7515 single chip DPSK and FSK modem
Application Note: A very low cost and powerful solution for V.23 application : TS7514 by O.Leenhardt & R.Girard
- power line modem
ST7536 power line modem
ST7537 home automation modem
ST7537HS1 home automation modem
application note: ST7536 by Joël Huloux
application note: ST7537 power line modem Application by Joël HULOUX and Laurent HANUS
application note: power line modem application remote control using ST7537 and ST6 by Joël HULOUX and Patrice MOREL
application note: phone remote system by Joël HULOUX and Patrice MOREL
STARTER KIT ST7537 power line modem by Joël Huloux
Application Note: Synchronous power line modem communication with ST9 Multifunction timer (required tools : ST9/ST7537 PLM Starter kit, by O.GARREAU

outline and mechanical data

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