MOTOROLA HC11 M68HC11 Reference Manual M68HC11RM/AD 1989 ©1989,1988 by Motorola Inc.

 M68HC11RM/AD Rev 3.0 1996 edition (PDF - 512 pages - 3.65Mb)

Section 1 General description of the MC68HC11A8
Section 2 Pins and Connections
Section 3 Configuration and Modes of Operation
Section 4 On-chip Memory
Section 5 Resets and Interrupts
Section 6 Central Processing Unit
Section 7 Parallel Input/Output
Section 8 Synchronous Serial Peripheral Interface
Section 9 Asynchronous Serial Communications Interface
Section 10 Main Timer and Real-Time Interrupt
Section 11 Pulse Accumulator
Section 12 Analog-to-digital converter System
Appendix A Instruction Set details
Appendix B Bootloader Listings

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