WSI PSDsoft PSDsoft Lite User Manual May 1997 
PSDcontrol Design Software User Manual Preface Chapter 1 : Introduction PSDsoft Application Programs
PSDsoft Lite Process and Design Flow
Project Files Chapter 2 : Getting Started MagicPro Programmer Installation PEP300 Programmer Installation Installing PSDsoft Lite Software PSDsoft Lite Top-level Window and Functions

On-Line Help Basic Menu Operation Chapter 3: Design Tutorial


Design Example

Functional Partition

Implementing the Design Example

Setting the Global Configuration

Compiling the Design

Performing the address Translation

Programming the PSD302 Chapter 4 : PSDabel Design Entry Introduction Using PSDabel Design Entry
Correcting a Project File

Compiling a Project File

Simulating a Project File

Optimizing a Project File
Viewing Processing Results

How to Latch Address Inputs on Port C and the A19/ CSI Pin Chapter 5: PSD Configuration Entry Introduction Starting the PSD Configuration Entry Specifying the Configuration Chapter 6 : PSD Compiler Introduction Using the PSD Compiler Fitting Process Address Translation Process Chapter 7: PSD Programmer Introduction Starting the PSD Programmer
Setting the port configuration
Working with Files
Selecting a Device
Using PSD Programmer Functions

Using the Utility Functions Appendix A : PSDsoft Input/Output Files Appendix B Reserved Names Assignments
Appendix C: Error Messages Appendix D: Intel Hex-32 Record Format Appendix E: UTLADRM Address-Mapping Utility Index

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