Harris CDP6805 CMOS Microcontrollers and Peripherals 1995 contains the following data sheets:

CDP68HC05C4 , CDP68HC05C8 , CDP68HL05C4 , CDP68HCL05C8 , CDP68HSC05C4 , CDP68HSC05C8 8-Bit Microcontroller Series
CDP6805F2 , CDP6805F2C Cmos High Performance Silicon Gate 8-Bit Microcontroller
CDP6805G2 , CDP6805G2C
CDP68EM05C4 , CDP68EM05C4N Emulator
CDP68EM05D2 , CDP68EM05D2N Emulator
CDP6805E2 , 2C . CDP6805E3 , 3C
CDP6805 , CDP68HC05 Instruction Set

CDP6805 8-Bit Bus Peripherals
CDP6402 , CDP6402C CMOS Universal Asynchronous Receiver/ Transmitter (UART)
CDP65C51 , CDP65C51A CMOS Asynchronous Interface Adapter (ACIA)
CDP6818 , CDP6818A CMOS Real-Time Clock with RAM
CDP6823 CMOS Parallel Interface
CDP6853 CMOS Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA) with MOTEL Bus

SPI Serial Bus Peripherals
CDP68HC68A2 CMOS 10-Bit A/D Converter
CDP68HC68P1 CMOS Serial 8-Bit Input/ Output Port
CDP68HC68R1 , CDP68HC68R2 CMOS 128 Word (CDP68HC68R1) and 256 Word (CDP68HC68R2) by 8-Bit Static RAMs
CDP68HC68S1 Serial Multiplexed Bus Interface
CDP68HC68T1 CMOS Serial Real-Time Clock with RAM and Power Sense / Control
CDP68HC68W1 CMOS Serial Digital Pulse Width Modulator
CA3282 Octal Low Side Power Driver with Serial Bus Control

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