SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics Industrial and computer peripheral ICs databook 2nd Edition Feb. 1992 (code DBINCOMPEST/2)
contains the following datasheets:

* introduction
* alphanumerical index
* selection Guide
* datasheets integrated circuits
* packages

ESM1600B Quad Comparator interface circuit
ESM1602B Quad Comparator interface circuit
L149 4A linear driver

L165 3A Power Operational Amplifier

L200 Adjustable Voltage and Current regulator
L272 , L272M Dual Power Operational Amplifiers
L272D Dual Power Operational Amplifier
L290 Tachometer Converter
L291 5 Bit - D/A converter and position amplifier
L292 Switch-Mode driver for dc Motors
L293B , L293E Push-Pull four Channel drivers
L293C Push-Pull four Channel / Dual H-Bridge driver
L293D Push-Pull four Channel driver with Diodes
L294 Switch-Mode Solenoid driver
L295 Dual Switch-Mode Solenoid driver
L296 , L296P High Current Switching Regulators
L297 , L297A Stepper Motor Controllers
L298N Dual full-bridge driver
L601-L603,L602-L604 darlington Arrays

L702 2A Quad Darlington switch
L2720/2/4 Low-Drop Dual Power Operational Amplifiers L2726 Low-Drop Dual Power Operational Amplifiers L2750 Dual low drop high power operational amplifier L4960 2.5A Power Switching Regulator L4962 1.5A Power Switching Regulator L4963 , L4963D 1.5A Switching Regulator L4964 High Current Switching regulator
L4970A 10A Switching Regulator L4972A , L4972AD 2A Switching Regulator L4974A 3.5A Switching Regulator L4975A 5A Switching Regulator L4977A 7A Switching Regulator L5170 Octal Line Driver L6114, L6115 Quad 100V, DMOS Switch L6122 , L6123 100V DMOS Switches L6201 , L6202 , L6203 DMOS Full Bridge Driver L6204 DMOS Dual Full Bridge Driver L6210 Dual Schottky diode Bridge L6213 Solenoid Driver + Switch Mode Power Supply L6219 Stepper Motor Driver L6220 , L6220N Quad Darlington Switches L6221A , L6221N Quad Darlington Switch L6221C , L6221CN Quad Darlington Switch L6223A DMOS Programmable High Speed Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver L6232A Spindle Driver L6232B Spindle Driver L6234 Three Phase Motor Driver L6242 Voice Coil Motor Driver L6243 , L6243D Voice Coil Motor Driver L6280 Three Channels Multipower Driver System L6285 3 Channels Multipower System L6286 3 Channels Multipower System L6504 Solenoid Controller L6506 , L6506D Current Controller for Stepping Motors L6515 Dual DC-Motor Positioning System L6603A , L6604A Memory Card Interface L6605 Smart Card Interface L6720 , L6721 Minitel Interface MC1488 RS232C Quad Line Driver MC1489 , MC1489A Quad Line Receivers MC3479C Stepper Motor Driver PBL3717A Stepper Motor Driver SG1524 , SG2524 , SG3524 Regulating Pulse Width Modulators SG1525A /27A , SG2525A - 3525A/27A Regulating Pulse Width Modulators TDA0161 Proximity Detectors TDE0160 Proximity Detectors TDE1707 Intelligent Power Switch TDE1737 , TDF1737 Interface Circuit - Relay and Lamp-Driver TDE1747, TDF1747 Interace Circuit - Relay and Lamp - Driver TDE1767,A , TDE1787,A Interface Circuit (Relay and Lamp-Driver) TDE1798 0.5A Intelligent Power Switch TDE3237 Intelligent Power Switch TDF1778 Dual 2-A Source Driver TDF1779A Dual 2-A Source Driver TEA3717 Stepper Motor Driver TEA3718 , TEA3718S Stepper Motor Driver TEF3718 , TEF3718S Stepper Motor Driver TL7700A Series Supply Voltage Supervisors UAA4713 Motion Detector Interface UC2842/3/4/5 , UC3842/3/4/5 Current Mode PWM Controller UDN2916A Stepper Motor Driver ULN2001A - ULN2003A, ULN2002A , ULN2004A Seven Darlington Arrays ULN2064B , ULN2070B , ULN2066B , ULN2074B , ULN2068B , ULN2076B 50V - 1.5A Quad Darlington Switches ULN2065B , ULN2067B, ULN2069B, ULN2071B , ULN2075B, ULN2077B 80V - 1.5A Quad Darlington Switches ULN2801A , ULN2802A , ULN2803A , ULN2804A , ULN2805A Eight Darlington Arrays ULQ2001A - ULQ2003A , ULQ2002A - ULQ2004A Seven Darlington Arrays ULQ2801A , ULQ2802A, ULQ2803A, ULQ2804A, ULQ2805A Eight Darlington Arrays Packages Integrated Circuits - Outline and Mechanical Data S08 SO14 SO16 SO20 SO28 PLCC28 PLCC44 Minidip (0.25) Minidip (0.4) DIP14 DIP16 (0.25) Powerdip : (8+8), (12+2+2) DIP18 (0.25) Powerdip : (9+9) , (12+3+3) DIP20 (0.25) Powerdip (16+2+2) DIP24 (0.25) DIP28 SIP9 Pentawatt H Pentawatt V Heptawatt H Heptawatt V Multiwatt11 V Multiwatt15 H Multiwatt15 V Flexiwatt21 V TO3 (Four Leads) Datasheets SubSystems Modules GS-C200 , GS-C200S Intelligent Stepper Motor Controllers GS-C200PROG Software Program for Stepping Motor Controllers - F.A.S.T. First Adwanced Stepper Training Program FAST.BAS GS-D050 0.5A Bipolar Stepper Motor Drive Module GS-D200 , GS-D200S 2/2.5A Bipolar Stepper Motor Drive Modules GS-D200M 2.5A Microstep Drive Module for Stepper Motors GS-D250M 2.5A Microstep Drive Module for Stepper Motors GS-D350M 5.6A Microstep Drive Board for Stepper Motor GS-D500 70V/5A Step and Microstep Drive Board for Stepper Motors GS-D550 2/5 Phase Stepping Motor Drive Board GS-DC200 Stepper Motor Control and Drive System Family GS-R400 Family20W TO 140W Step-Down Switching Regulator Family GS-R400/2 Family Small Size Step-Down Switching Regulator Family GS-R1005 50W Step-Down Switching Regulator GS-R51212 20W Triple Output Step-Down Switching Regulator GS-R51212S , GS-R51515S 31W Triple Output Step-Down Switching Regulators GS-T25/30 Family 25-30 WATT DC-DC Converters GS-T150-05 150W DC-DC Converter Packages Subsystems Modules and Boards


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