PHILIPS Signetics Integrated Circuits Linear LSI 1985 Book IC11N
contains the following data sheets:
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Cross Reference Guide by Part number , by Company Quality and Reliability Military Products Interface Data Conversion Products ADC0801 /2/3/4/5-1 cmos 8 bit AD converter NE5034 8-Bit HI-Speed A/D Converter NE5036 6-Bit A/D Converter (Serial Output) NE5037 6-Bit A/D Converter (Parallel Outputs) Am6012 12-Bit Multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converter DAC-08 Series 8-Bit High Speed Multplying D/A Converter MC1508-8 /1408-8 / 1408-7 8-Bit Multiplying D/A Converter MC3410 , MC3510 , MC3410C 10-Bit High Speed Multiplying D/A Converter SE / NE5018 8-Bit P-Compatible D/A Converter SE / NE5019 8-Bit P-Compatible D/A Converter NE5020 10-Bit P-Compatible D/A Converter SE / NE5118 8-Bit P-Compatible D/A Converter - Current Output SE / NE5119 8-Bit P-Compatible D/A Converter - Current Output SE / NE5410 10-Bit High Speed Multiplying D/A Converter Comparators LM111 , LM211 , LM311 Voltage Comparator LM119 , LM219 , LM319 Dual VOltage Comparator LM139A , LM239A , LM339A , LM139 , LM239 , LM339 , LM2901 , MC3302 Quad Voltage Comparator LM193 /A, LM293 /A, LM393 /A, LM2903 Low Power Dual Volatge Comparator SE / NE521 High Speed Dual- Differential Comparator / Sense AMP SE / NE522 High Speed Dual Differential Comparator / Sense AMP SE / NE527 Voltage Comparator SE / NE529 Voltage Comparator MC1488 Quad Line Driver MC1489 / MC1489A Quad Line Receivers NE5090 Adressable Relay Driver NE587 Led / Decoder / Driver NE589 Led / Decoder / Driver NE590 , NE591 Adressable Peripheral Drivers SE / NE594 Vacuum Fluorescent Display Driver ULN2003 , ULN2004 High Voltage / High Current Darlington transistor arrays NE5520 LVDT Signal Conditioner LF198 / LF298 / LF398 Monolithic Sample and Hold Circuits SE / NE5537 Sample and Hold Amplifier Communication NE570 / NE571 / SA571 Compandor SA / NE572 Programmable Analog Compandor LM1870 Stereo Demodulator with Blend NE542 Dual Low Noise PREAMP SA / NE602 Double Balanced Mixer and Oscillator NE645 / NE646 Dolby noise reduction circuit NE648 / NE649 Low Voltage Dolby Noise Reduction Circuit NE650 Dolby B Type Noise Reduction Circuit NE660 Dolby Noise Reduction System A758 FM Stereo Multiplex Decoder , Phase Locked Loop CA3089 FM IF System MC1496 / MC1596 Balanced Modulator / Demodulator NE5080 High Speed FSK Modem Transmitter NE5081 High Speed FSK Modem Receiver SE / NE564 Phase Locked Loop SE / NE565 Phase Locked Loop SE / NE566 Function Generator SE / NE567 Tone Decoder / Phase Locked Loop SE / NE555 / SE555C Timer SA / SE / NE556 SA/ SE / NE556-1 / SE556-1C Dual Timer SA / SE / NE558 Quad Timer Amplifiers Operational Amplifiers - Symbols and definitions LM124 / LM224 / LM324 / SA534 Low Power Quad Op Amp SA / SE / NE532 / LM158 / LM258 / LM358 Low Power Dual Operational Amplifiers MC1458 / SA1458 / MC1558 General Purpose Operational Amplifier MC3303 / MC3403 : MC3503 Quad Low Power Operational Amplifiers SA / SE / NE4558 Dual General-Purpose Operational Amplifier SA / NE530 High Slew Rate Operational Amplifier SA / NE531 High Slew Rate Operational Amplifier SA / NE538 High Slew Rate Operational Amplifier SE / NE5512 Dual High Performance Operational Amplifier SE / NE5514 Quad High performance OP AMP SE / NE5532 / NE5532A Internally Compensated Dual Low Noise Op Amp NE5533 / NE5533A / SA / SE/ NE5534 / NE5534A Single And Dual Low Noise Op Amp SE/ NE5535 Dual High Slew Rate OP AMP A741 / A741C / SA741C General Purpose Operational Amplifier A747 / 747C / SA747C Dual Operational Amplifier NE5517 / NE5517A Dual Opreational Transconductance Amplifier SE / NE5539 Ultra High Frequency Operational Amplifier NE5592 Video Amplifier SE / NE592 Video Amplifier A733 / A733C Differential Video Amplifier Power Conversion and Control NE5044 Programmable Seven Channel RC Encoder NE5045 Seven Channel RC Decoder NE544 Servo Amplifier Voltage Regulator - Symbols and Definitions SE5560 / NE5560 Switched-Mode Power Supply Control Circuit SE / NE5561 Switched-Mode Power Supply Control Circuit SE / NE5562 Switched-Mode Power Supply Control Circuit NE5568 Switched-Mode Power Supply Controller SG1526A , SG2526A , SG3526A Switched-Mode Power Supply Control Circuits SG3524 SMPS Control Circuit A723 / 723C / SA723C Precision Voltage Regulator Applications An Overview of Data Converters AN100 Basic DACs AN101 Digital Attenuator AN105 Using the DAC08 without a negative Supply AN106 Microprocessor Compatible DACs AN109 Led Decoder Drivers : Using The NE587 and NE589 AN112 Using the MC1488/1489 Line drivers and Receivers AN113 Applications For the NE521 / NE522 / NE527 / NE529 AN116 Using the LVDT Signal Conditioner NE5520 AN118 NE555 and NE556 Applications AN170 NE558 Applications AN171 An Overview of Phase Locked Loop (PLL) AN177 Modeling the PLL AN178 Circuit Description of the NE564 AN179 Frequency Synthesis with the NE564 AN180 A 6Mhz FSK Converter Desigh example for the NE564 AN181 Clock Regenerator With Crystal Controlled Phase Locked VCO AN182 Circuit Description of the NE565 PLL Typical Applications with NE565 AN184 Waveform Generators with the NE566 AN186 Circuit Description of the NE567 Tone decoder AN187 Selected Circuits using the NE567 AN188 Balanced Modulator / Demodulator applications using the MC1496 / MC1596 AN189 Applications of Low Noise Stereo Amplifiers: NE542 AN190 Stereo Decoder Applications Using the A758 AN191 Applications for COMPANDORS / NE570 / NE571 / SA571 AN174 Automatic Level Control : NE572 AN175 Compandor CookBook AN176 Applications Using the NE5080 , NE5081 AN195 Integrated Operational Amplifier Theory AN165 Basic Feedback Theory AN166 Audio Circuits using the NE5532 /33/34 AN142 Applications using the SE / NE5535 AN143 Applications for the NE538 AN150 Applications for the NE531 AN151 Applications for the MC3403 AN160 Applications for the NE5512 / NE5514 AN144 NE5517 /A Transconductance amplifier Applications AN145 Explanation of Noise AN164 Using the NE592 / 5592 Video Amplifier AN141 Compensation Techniques for use with the SE / NE5539 AN140 An overview of Switched Mode Power Supplies AN120 Forward Converter Application using the NE5560 AN121 NE5560 Push-Pull Regulator Applicator AN122 NE5561 Applications AN123 External Synchronization for NE5561 AN124 Applications using the SG3524 AN126 Applications using the NE5044 Encoder AN131 Applications using the NE5045 Decoder AN132 Applications using the NE544 Servo amplifier AN133 Computer Controlled Robotics Applications AN134 Package Outlines

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