full databook (PDF - 204 pages - 8Mb)

SGS-Thomson programmable logic manual - GAL products first edition october 1988 Data Book contains the following data sheets 


GAL16V8 E²CMOS programmable logic device
GAL20V8 E²CMOS programmable logic device
GAL16Z8 In-system re-programmable generic array logic
GAL39V18 CMOS FPLA generic array logic Logic Concept logic design basic concepts
Karnaugh Maps DeMorgan's law Reduction of equations PLD Representation GAL Devices Development tools
software & hardware tools software tools hardware tools the design process GAL device application introduction to GAL applications
- basic gates - basic flip-flop - quad 1:1 multiplexer
- seven segment display driver
- 7-bit counter
- copy pal patterns into GAL device - using electronic signature - overview of register preload Technology and technical overview The GAL process
Power consideration latch-up protection Quality & reliability Quality program Wafer fab standard production process flowchart Quality inspections/monitors during wafer fabrication Assembly standard production process flow chart Quality tests during assembly process Groups B, C and D reliability tests

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