SGS-Thomson ST62 MCU LCD Driver ST624x / ST628x databook 1st Edition May 1993 contains the following data sheets 

Genral index

ST624x datasheets
ST62E40 / ST62T40
ST62E42 / ST62T42 ST6245
ST62E45 / ST62T45 ST628x datasheets ST6280 ST62E80 ST6285 ST62E85 ST6240-KIT Starter Kit for ST624x MCU Family fuzzyTECH ST6 Explorer Edition fuzzy logic compiler for ST6 Development Tools ST6-SW Software development tools for ST6 MCU Family ST6xxx-EMU Real time development tools for st6 mcu family ST62Exx-EPB Eprom programming board for ST62 MCU family ST62Exx-GP Gang programmer for ST62 MCU Family Programming Manual ST62-ST63 programming manual - introduction
- Programming Model
- Addressing Modes
- ST62 & ST63 Instruction Set Application notes Microcontroller and triacs on the 110/240V mains by Philippe RABIER and Laurent PERIER using ST6 analog inputs for multiple key decoding by J.Stockinger designing with microcontroller in noisy environments
st62 in-circuit programming direct software lcd drive with st621X and ST626X

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