INTEL Programmable Logic Handbook 1988 contains the following data sheets:

Overview Ordering Information EPLDs Erasable Programmable Logic Devices 5C031 300 Gate CHMOS H-Series Erasable Programmable Logic Device (H-EPLD) 5C032 300 Gate CHMOS H-Series Erasable Programmable Logic Device (H-EPLD) 5C060 / 5C090 600- / 900- GATE CHMOS H-SERIES Erasable Programmable Logic Device (H-EPLD) 5C121 1200 Gate CHMOS H-Series Erasable Programmable Logic Device 5C180 1800- Gate Erasable Programmable Logic Device 5AC312 Erasable Programmable Logic Device Implemating Cascaded Logic in the 5C121 Application Brief AB-8 5C121 As a Three And One Half Digit Display Driver Application Brief AB-9 Square Pegs in Round Holes - A Fitting Tutorial for the 5C121 Application Brief AB-10 16-Bit Binary Counter Implementation Using the 5C060 EPLD Application Brief AB-11 Designing a Mailbox Memory for Two 80C31 Microcontrollers Using EPLDs Application Brief AB-12 A typical Latch/Register Construction in EPLDs Application Brief AB-16 TTL Macro Library Listing for EPLD Designs Application Brief AB-18 Applying The 5C121 Architecture Application Note AP-271 The 5C060 Unification of a CHMOS System Application Note AP-272 Implementing a CMOS Bus Arbiter/Controller in the 5C060 EPLD Application Note AP-276 Simulation of EPLD Timing Application Note AP-304 EPLDs, PLAs and TTL Comparing the "Hidden Costs" in Production Application Note AP-307 Techniques for Modular EPLD Designs Crosspoint Switch: A PLD Approach Application Report AR-450 A Programmable Logic Mailbox for 80C31 Microcontrollers Application Report AR-451 Regain lost I/O ports with erasable PLDs Application Report AR-454 Advanced Architecture EPLDs 5CBIC Programmable Bus Interface Controller Dual-Port Memory Control Using The 5CBIC Application Note AP-305 The Multiplexed Bus Interface with the 5CBIC Application Note AP-308 DRAM Address Interface with the 5CBIC Application Note AP-309 Programmable logic shrinks bus-interface designs Application Report AR-453 Development Support Tools iPLDS II The Intel Programmable Logic Development System Version II iUP-PC Intel Universal Programmer for the personal Computer SCHEMA II-PLD Schematic Capture Software iPLS II Macro Librarian Utilities PAL2ADF Utility JED2HEX Conversion Utility Implementing an EPLD Design Using Intel's Programmable Logic Development System Application Note AP-279 Dice Rolling Project Using Macros in EPLD Designs Application Note AP-311 Creating Macros for EPLD Designs Application Note AP-312 Tools for Optimizing PLD Designs Appendix Second-Source Cross Reference Intel vs Altera
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