full databook WSI High-performance Non-volatile Memory 1991 (PDF - 106 pages - 3.33Mb) 

WSI High-Performance Non-Volatile Memory 1991 contains the following data sheets:

General Information EPROM Memory Products
Family of High-Performance CMOS EPROMs
EPROM Selection Guide
EPROM Cross Reference
WS57C64F High Speed 8Kx8 CMOS EPROM
WS27C64F Military 8Kx8 CMOS EPROM
WS57C128F High Speed 16Kx8 CMOS EPROM
WS57C128FB High Speed 16Kx8 CMOS EPROM
WS27C128F Military 16Kx8 CMOS EPROM
WS57C256F High Speed 32Kx8 CMOS EPROM
WS27C256F Military 32Kx8 CMOS EPROM PROM/ RPROM Memory products

PROM/RPROM Selection Guide
PROM/RPROM Cross Reference WS57C191B / WS57C291B High Speed 2Kx8 CMOS PROM/RPROM
WS57C45 High Speed 2Kx8 Registered CMOS PROM/RPROM
WS57C43B High Speed 4Kx8 CMOS PROM/RPROM
WS57C49B High Speed 8Kx8 CMOS PROM/RPROM
WS57C49C High Speed 8Kx8 CMOS PROM/RPROM
WS57C51B High Speed 16Kx8 CMOS PROM/RPROM
WS57C51C High Speed 16Kx8 CMOS PROM/RPROM
WS57C71C High Speed 32Kx8 CMOS PROM/RPROM Programming/Erasure Programmers

WS6000 MagicPro Memory and Programmable Peripheral Programmer
Data I/O and MagicPro Reference for High Performance EPROMs

Data I/O for PROMs / RPROMs Package Information Sales Representatives and Distributors

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