INTEL Memory Components Handbook (Order No 210830-005) 1986 contains the following data sheets:

Chapter 1 Memory Overview Chapter 2 Intel Memory Technologies Chapter 3 RAMs (Random Access Memories) DATA SHEETS 2114A 1024x4 Bit Static RAM 2115A , 2125A Family High Speed 1Kx1 Bit Static RAM 2115H 2125H Family High Speed 1Kx1 Bit Static RAM 2147H High Speed 4096x1 Bit Static RAM 2148H Family 1024x4 Bit Static RAM 2149H 1024x4-Bit Static RAM 51C66 High Speed CHMOS 16384x1 Bit Static RAM 51C67 High Speed CHMOS 16384x1 Bit Static RAM 51C68 High Speed CHMOS 4096x4-Bit Static RAM 51C69 High Speed CHMOS 4096x4-Bit Static RAM RAM Family EXPRESS Data sheet 8206 Error Detection and Correction Unit 8207 Dual-Port Dynamic Ram Controller 8208 Dynamic RAM Controller 82C08 CHMOS Dynamic RAM Controller APPLICATION NOTES AP-74 High Speed Memory System Design Using 2147H Application Note AP-74 by Joe Altnether March,1980 AP-238 Memory Design for the Low Power Microsystem Envirronment Application Note AP-238 by Dennis Knudson March 1985 ARTICLE REPRINTS AR-332 Modular Approach To C-MOS Technology Tailors Process To Application Article Reprint AR-389 CMOS outshines NMOS on high-speed digital chips Chapter 4 EPROMs (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memories) DATA SHEETS 2732A (32K (4Kx8) Production and UV Erasable PROMS 2764A Advanced 64K (8Kx8) Production and UV Erasable PROMs 27C64 / 87C64 64K (8Kx8) CHMOS Production and UV Erasable PROMs 27128 128K (16Kx8) UV Erasable PROM 27128A Advanced 128K (16Kx8) UV Erasable PROM 27256 256K (32Kx8) Production and UV Erasable PROMs 27C256 / 87C256 256K (32Kx8) CHMOS Production and UV Erasable PROMs 27512 512K (64Kx8) Production and UV Erasable PROM 27513 Page addressed 512K (4x16Kx8) Production and UV Erasable PROM 27916 KEPROM 128K (16Kx8) Keyed Access EPROM APPLICATION NOTES AP-152 Using Intel's 27916 KEPROM Keyed Access EPROM Application Note Apr.1985 AP-154 Programming Intel's 27256 EPROM Application Note AP-154 ENGINEERING REPORTS ER-10 27128 (B-STEP) 16Kx8 Engineering Changes Engineering Report ER-11 HMOS II-E The Nexit Generation Eprom Technology ER-12 Production EPROM in Plastic ER-13 The 27128A Advanced 128K (16Kx8) EPROM ER-14 P2764A Reliability Data Summary ER-15 The 512K EPROM Family 27512 : 512K (64Kx8) EPROM 27513 Page Addressed 512K (4x16Kx8) EPROM The A Stepping RELIABALITY REPORTS RR-35C EPROM Reliability Data Summary ARTICLE REPRINTS AR-260 EPROMs Graduate To 256-K Density With Scaled N-Channel Process AR-265 Versatile Algorithm, Equipment Cut EPROM Programming Time AR-294 Improved Software and Circuits Speed EPROM Programming AR-363 EPROMs Adapt to Emerging Developments In Technologies, Configurations, Packages AR-367 With Its Paged Structure, A 512K EPROM Relaxes System Storage Constraints AR-381 Locking Up System Security A Keyed-access computer-security system, implemented in hardware, cannot be broken by unauthorised users CHAPTER 5 E2PROMs & NVRAMs (In Circuit Programmable Writable Memories) DATA SHEETS 2001 1K (128x8) Non Volatile Random Access Memory 2004 4LK (512x8) Non-Volatile Random Access Memory 2816A 16K (2Kx8) ELectrically Erasable PROM 2816B 16K (2Kx8) Electrically Erasable PROM 2817A 16K (2Kx8) Electrically Erasable PROM 2864A 64K (8Kx8) Electrically Erasable PROM 2864B 64K (8Kx8) Electrically Erasable PROM APPLICATION NOTES AP-100 Reliability Aspects of a Floating Gate E2PROM Application Note AP-158 Designing with the System Friendly 2817A 5V-Only E2PROM AP-165 Data Protection for E2PROMs and NVRAMs AP-173 Designing the 2004 Non-Volatile RAM Into Your System AP-176 2001 Non-Volatile RAM Protects Critical System Data at Low Cost AP-254 Designing the 2004 NVRAM Into Your Microcontroller System Enhances Performance and Flexibility ENGINEERING REPORTS ER-9 E2PROM Reliability and Qualification Testing ARTICLE REPRINTS AR-119 16-K EE-PROM Relies On Tunneling for Byte-Erasable Program Storage AR-403 EEPROMs or NVRAMs which is optimum for your design? CHAPTER 6 Bubble Memory DATA SHEETS A Primer On Magnetic Bubble Memory BPK74 4 MBIT Bubble Memory SubSystem Intel IPCB-75 PC-BUBBLE Card 4-Megabit Bubble Memory Evaluation Package BPK70AZ 1MBit Bubble Memory Subsystem BPK72AZ 1Mbit Bubble Memory Prototype Kit 7220 Controller for 1 Mbit BPK 70AZ or BPK 70A Bubble Memory Subsystem D7225-1 Controller for 4-Mbit BPK 74 Bubble Memory Subsystem APPLICATION NOTES AP-127 Powerfail Considerations for Magnetic Bubble Memories AP-150 8085 To BPK 72 Interface AP-157 Software Design and Implementation Details for Bubble Memory Systems AP-164 Using CMOS Minimizes Bubble Memory Power Consumption AP-187 Megabits to Megabytes Bubble Memory System Design and Board Layout AP-230 Assembly Considerations and Test Procedures for Bubble Memories Reliability Reports RR-56 7110A Bubble Memory Reliability ARTICLE REPRINTS AR-329 Bubble Memories: Their Military Role by Richard Pierce Jan.1984 AR-335 Bubble Memory in Communication Products AR-362 Bubble Memories Take On Tough Environments AR-366 Bubble Bursting With Military Potential AR-399 Bubbles Getting Military Attention AR-400 Bubble Memory Survival of The Fittest AR-401 The Bubble Memory Option

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