ALTERA 1995 Data Book contains the following data sheets 

Introduction : 
The PLD Market Advantages of Altera PLDs Altera Device Families Solutions for High-Volume
Production MAX+PLUS II Development Tools Component Selection Guide Introduction 

FLEX 10K Devices FLEX8000 Devices Configuration EPROM Devices MAX9000 Devices 

MAX7000 Devices MAX7000S Devices FLASHlogic Devices MAX5000 Devices Classic Devices 

System-Level Features 3.3-V Devices Devices with 3.3-V / 5.0-V I/O Pins PCI Compliant 

Devices Military Compliant Devices FLEX 10K Embedded-Array Programmable Logic 

Device Family FLEX8000 Programmable Logic Device Family EPF8050M Flex 8000M Programmable 

Logic Device Data Sheet MAX9000 Programmable Logic Device Family MAX7000 Programmable 

Logic Device Family (EPM7032 , EPM7064 , EPM7096 , EPM7128E , EPM7192) MAX7000 

5.0-V Devices MAX7000 3.3-V Devices Device Pin-Outs Pin-Outs Diagrams MAX7000S 

Programmable Logic Device Family Advance Information Brief FLASHlogic Programmable 

Logic Device Family SRAM Configuration Programmable Interconnect Array I/O Contro 

Blocks Input Configuration Output Configuration JTAG Operation Boundary-Scan Instructions 

ICR & ISP Design Security Timing Model Generic Testing Software Support Device 

Programming QFP Carrier & Development Socket Calculating the Supply Current Power-Up 

Cycle Power-On Reset (POR) Feature Pin Descriptions Device Pinouts Package Diagrams 

MAX5000 Programmable Logic Device Family EPM5032 EPM5064 EPM5128 EPM5130 EPM5192 

Classic EP610 EP910 EP1810 EP22V10 Configuration EPROM for FLEX 8000 Devices Features 

Functional Description Device Configuration MAX+PLUS II Support DC Specifications 

AC Timing Specifications Military Products Introduction Product Availability MIL-STD-883 

Qualification Flow MPLDs Mask-Programmed Logic Devices Features General Description 

MPLD Compability Quick, Seamless Conversion Conclusion Device Operation Operating 

Requirements for Altera Devices Application Note 42 : Metastability in Altera 

Devices Application Brief 119 : High-Speed Board Designs Applicatiion Brief 100 
: Understanding Classic , MAX 5000 & MAX 7000 Timing Application Brief 143 : Understanding 

FLEX 8000 Timing Application Brief 144 : Understanding MAX 9000 Timing Development 

Tools MAX+PLUS II Programmable Logic Development System & Software MAX+PLUS II 

Selection Guide Biblaster Download Cable Altera Programming Hardware EDA Software 

Support Programming Hardware Manufacturers General Information Configuration Elements 
& Reliability QFP Carrier & Development Socket Package Outlines Ordering Information 

Application Brief 46 : Selection Sockets for J-Lead Packages Technical Support 
from Altera Applications Sales Offices , Distributors & Representatives Glossary 


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