Texas INSTRUMENTS Linear and Interface Circuit Applications 1986 Volume 2

Display Drivers and Data Transmission Circuits contains the following data sheets 
Display Drivers : introduction to display driver technology Led display drivers SN75491 and SN75491A Quad LED Segment Drivers SN75492 and SN75492A Hex LED Digit Drivers SN75494 Hex LED Digit Driver SN75497 7-Channel and SN75498 9-Channel LED Drivers Driving LED Displays DC PLASMA DISPLAY DRIVERS SN75480 DC Plasma Driver SN75480 Application SN75581 Gas Dicharge Source Driver SN75581 Application SN75584A High Voltage 7-segment Latch /Decoder/Cathode Driver AC PLASMA DISPLAY DRIVERS AC PLASMA Display Technology Construction The Functional Cell Control Circuitry Implementation with the SN75500 and SN75501 The functional Waveforms SN75500 AC Plasma Display Axis Driver SN75501 AC Plasma Display Axis Driver Functional Adaptation of the SN75500 and SN75501 Strobing and Sustaining Floating Driver Considerations Data Coupling Considerations VACUUM Fluorescent displays Introduction The VFD Panel Construction Panel Performance VFD Timing Requirements Drive Electronics The UCN4810A 10-Bit VFD Driver The TL4810A 10-Bit VFD Driver The SN75512A 12-Bit VFD Driver The SN75513A 12-Bit VFD Driver The SN75514 High Voltage 12-Bit VFD Driver The SN75518 32-Bit VFD Driver The SN75501C as a 32-Bit High-Voltage VFD Driver VFD Driver Applications Driving a Vacuum Fluorescent Character Display Driving a Dot Matrix Display AC Thin Film Electroluminescent Display Drivers AC TFEL Display Technology Factor Affecting TFEL Display Brightness AC TFEL Pixel Equivalent Circuit Drivers for AC TFEL Pabels SN75551 and SN75552 Electroluminescent Row Drivers SN75553 and SN75554 Electroluminescent Column Drivers Driving AC TFEL Panels Practical Refresh Drive Scheme Theory of Operation Interconnecting the drivers to the Panel Row Driver Operation Column Driver Operation Row and Column Requirements Row Driver Voltage Supply Composite Row Driver Specifying Driver Requirements Data Transmission Line Circuits: General Purpose Data Transmission General Requirements Types of Transmission Lines Single Wire and Ground Plane Multi-Wire Interconnect Twisted Pair Radiated Interference Balance Twisted Pair Ground Loop Interference Twisted Pair Benefits Line Termination and Reflections Common Mode Voltage Coaxial Lines Type of Transmission Introduction Basic Driver Modes Basic Receiver Modes Single-Ended Transmission Differential (Balanced) Transmission Terminating Differential Data Transmission EIA Standard RS-232-C Circuits and applications RS-232-C Standard Typical Drivers for EIA RS-232-C Applications SN75188 / MC1488 Quad Line Driver SN75150 Dual Data Line Driver SN75156 / uA9636 Dual Line Driver Typical Receivers for EIA RS-232-C Applications SN75189 , SN75189A , MC1489 and MC1489A Quad Line Receivers SN75152 Dual Data Line Receiver SN75154 Quad Data Line Receiver RS-232-C Applications Typical Interface Using SN75188 and SN75189A Interface Using SN75150 and SN75154 EIA Standard RS-423-A Circuits and Applications RS-423-A Standard RS-423-A Devices RS-423-A Drivers RS-423-A Receivers Basic RS-423-A Application EIA Standards RS-422-A and RS-485 Circuits and applications Introduction RS-422-A Standard RS-422-A Applications Typical Application Short-Line Application EIA RS-485 Standard Unit Load Concept Drivers Details Driver Speed Characteristics Receiver Details Transceivers SN75176B , SN75177B , SN75178B , SN75179B Transceiver Features Basic Transceiver Application Long-Line Application SN75179B Application IEEE488-1978 Transmission Systems The IEEE-488 Standard General Information Connectors Cable Logic Convention Functions Messages or Commands Bus Interface Devices Electrical Specifications Driver Requirements Driver Specifications Composite Load Requirements Device DC Load Line Boundaries Device AC Load Line Limit Device Capacitive Load Limit Timing Values Data Rates Interfacing to the IEEE Standard 488 Bus SN75160A Octal GPIB Transceiver SN75163A Octal GPIB Transceiver SN75161A and SN75162A Octal GPIB Transceiver MC3446 Quad Bus Transceiver Typical Applications A Typical IEEE-488 System Application IBM System 360/370 Interfacing Circuits Driver and Receiver Requirements Driver Requirements Receiver Requirements General Physical and Electrical Requirements Line Terminations Voltage Levels Cable Ground Shift and Noise Fault Conditions Electrical Characteristics for Select Out Interface General Receiver Requirements Driver Requirements IBM System /360 and System /370 Data Line Drivers SN75123 Dual Line Driver SN75126 Quadruple Line Driver SN75130 Quadruple Line Driver IBM System /360 and System /370 Data Line Receivers SN75124 Triple Line Receiver SN75125 and SN75127 Seven-Channel Line Receivers SN75128 and SN75129 Octal Line Receivers IBM System 370 Application Drivers Cable Receivers General Purpose Line Circuit devices Single-Ended Transmission Single-Ended Application for High-Speed Bus Communication Current-Mode Drivers in Differential Data Line Transmission Receiver Circuits Input Sensitivity Common-mode Voltage Range Input Termination Resistors Reference Voltage Input Limitations SN55/75107A Series Applications Connection of Unused Inputs and Outputs One-Channel Balanced Transmission Systems Differential Party-Line Systems Repeaters for Long Lines Standard Voltage-Mode Differential Drivers and Receivers

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