Databook SGS-ATES Linear Integrated Circuit 1st Edition 1978

contains the following data sheets :

you may see also the full databook year 1982 

Audio Amplifiers L133T TAA611A TAA611B TAA611C TAA611E TAA611F TBA231 TBA800 TBA810 , TBA810AP TBA810S , TBA810AS TBA810CB , TBA810ACB TBA820 TBA830S TCA940 TCA940E TDA2002 , TDA2002A TDA2010 TDA2020 TDA2020D TDA2030 Industrial Circuits L120 L121 L201 , L202 , L203 , L204 TBA331 TBA1410 TDA1420 Operational Amplifiers L147 L148T1 L148T2 LS101 , LS101A , LS201 , LS201A , LS301A LS107 , LS207 , LS307 LS141 , LS141A , LS141C LS709 , LS709A , LS709C LS776 , LS776C Radio anf Tape recorder Circuits TBA651 TCA900 , TCA910 TCA3089 TDA1054M TDA1151 TDA1200 Telecommunications Circuits LS025 LS045 L150 Television Circuits TAA550 , TAA271 TBA311 TBA780 TCA511 TDA440 TDA1170 TDA1190 TDA1270 TDA2140 TDA2150 TDA2160 Voltage Regulators L005 L036 L037 L123B1/T1 L123T2 L129 L130 L131 L200 L7800 Series TBA435 TBA625A TBA625B TBA625C TDA1405 TDA1412 TDA1415

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