Fairchild Semiconductor circuit Applications

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August 1978

Choosing the best by Peter Alfke
CMOS by Peter Alfke and Bill Harmon
Low Power schottky TTL By Peter Alfke and Charles Alford
High Frequency Digital PLL Synthesizer By Eric Breeze
F100K, a standard family of SUBNANOSECOND
Saves time, effort, money
MSI Versatility
Programmable Bit-Rate Generator
Pulse Swallowing Revisited Making Programmable UHF Counters
Keyboard Encoders
Sync Burst Detection in Disk Controllers ... Use the 9401
ECL High-Speed Barrel Shifter

Circuits Ideas Digital :
- Digital Rate Converter
- Programmable 8-channel Baud generator
- 2-Bit BCD to 7-bit Converter
- Odd ratio dividers with 50% Duty Cycle Output
- 4-Bit Adder serves as 5-input Majority Gate
- Cyclic Redundancy Check Circuit ... on a single chip


The inpact of Microprocessors on Logic Design
The universal Microprocessor
The Ideal Microprocessor
Macrologic Demonstrator II
Single-Board Microcomputer
The Macrologic Demonstrator
Microprogram Sequencer
Mini Computer CPU packed on one chip


Bipolar Memory comes of Age
Bipolar RAM goes Dynamic
S tatic Bipolar Memory Chips keep Shrinking
64K CCD Memory First Low-Cost Solide-State Bulk Memory
Anatomy of a FIFO
Programmable Read Only Memories
4096 Series Dynamic MOS RAMs

Optically Coupled Isolators
The air-filled light pipe digit
Picture this camera...
Fast Sorting with CCD

Input Bias & Input Offset Current
Op amps input Offset Voltage
Op Amps open loop voltage gain
Op amps Slew rate- What is it?
Op amps Input impedance
Op amps Circuit Stabilities
Op amps design step for inverting amplifiers
Op amps design steps for non-inverting amplifiers
IC Power Op Amps versatile and efficient
3-terminal positive voltage regulator
4-terminal Variable Voltage regulators
High Power 3-Terminal Voltage regulator
Thermal Considerations... When designing with IC Voltage regulators
Power supplies Proper Wiring Avoids Problems
IC Timers
UA721 AM/FM Radio IC
Switching Regulator efficient and flexible
The CCD321 Analog Delay Line
The SH1549 ... An electronic Tuner Memory For Radio and Television Receivers
CCD comb Filters for television receivers
The UA715 A Versatile High Speed Operational Amplifiers
A Low drift, Low Noise Monolithic Operational Amplifier for low level signal Processing
Applications of the UA741 Operational Amplifier
An inproved sample and hold circuit using the UA740
Applications of the UA777
Operational Amplifier As Inductors
The UA760 - A high speed MonolithicVoltage Comparator
The UA750 Dual Comparator Subsystem
A Monolithic Zero-crossing ac trigger (TRIGAC) for thyristor power controls
A High Output power (5 Watt), low distorsion IC Audio Amplifier
20W to 60W Complementary Darlington Audio Amplifiers
75W HI FI Audio Amplifier with low transient intermodulation Distorsion
The UA758 A phase locked Loop Fm Stereo Multiplex decoder
Using the UA79HG Negative adjustable Voltage Regulator

Interface Circuits
Transmission Line Signal quality
Signal Quality Estimation for coaxial cables
A Microprocessor Compatible A/D converter
Digital Display systems

Quality- Reliability High rel
AQL or LTPD they are not the same
Hi Rel Why Buy it?
Are Your Plastic PROMs Protected?
The second Generation TO-92 TWN


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